Scuba Diving & Snorkeling in Belize – 2014

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Belize is considered to be some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world, so I was really excited to get to spend some time in the Caribbean there this past January. I brought along my GoPro and got some footage from the Great Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye, and Aquarium dive sites as well as Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark Ray Alley and a few other random reefs while snorkeling.

Video filmed and edited by Fat Tony in January 2014.

Filmed with GoPro Hero2.

Traditional Garifuna drumming by Family Group out of Hopkins, Belize.

Rating: 4.00

  1. fahIm M_ says

    3:07 That stingray be like, touch me with your boobs. I am waiting

  2. aldrich inciong says

    Wanna check this out? Just click the link for more info.

  3. Apoctic says

    2:50 the turtle was sooo cute

  4. Cody Nelson says

    Footage quality is really good. Did you use an underwater filter on your Gopro?

  5. Karlsson Travels says

    We saw abundance of sea life during our family's visit to Belize. See for example our nurse shark dive at Hol Chan Tunnel:
    Or see the highlights from our ray and turtle dive:

  6. RPTV says

    Nice video. I wonder why they let people swim with the dolphins and the rays (feeding and touching) if just touching them is so harmful to them? I am not advocating for touching just thinking that some of these comments are a little over the top.

  7. alyssa earnhardt says

    hey! I've been to half moon caye. I've been to other parts of the Bahamas too BC I went on a cruise. the water is beautiful

  8. george simpson says

    why's he not running from the shark???

  9. Keith LaMere says


  10. stylesbradley says

    some very cool shots,but don't touch

  11. Lana Kukic says


  12. Anna Topp says

    Don't touch!!

  13. Peter Grochal says

    you stupid retards, return your licences for this mess!

  14. David says

    Stringrays look scary af

  15. kingofallwhites says

    What the hell is wrong with all these damn white people 'cuba divin in the middle of damn ochin?

  16. Waffle says

    Touching the marine animals is dangerous for you and it's just dumb, how would you feel if someone was touching you like, "HEY DUD LEMME TUCH U!"

  17. Snorkel Geek TV says

    I appreciate the video and believe it is great quality, but I would also appreciate it if next time you dive that you avoid touching any marine life. This is not only dangerous for the animals, but it could also be dangerous to you. Many creatures, like the Manta Ray, have self-harming reactions to the touch of human skin, and can die of contact from foreign traces of bacteria, etc. Also, messing with stingrays and sharks is a great way to earn respect for the power they have to offer. Thank you.

  18. Preston Toole says

    Please do not touch the marine life.Go read the NAUI Scuba Diver book again.Yalls license should be taken away.Go retake the open water certification class.Did anyone teach you not to touch the marine life

  19. Julia Gowan says

    Not only is touching marine life a no no but you can tell with the closeness in the video shots that you probably contributed to the destruction of some coral. Too bad you guys were not more responsible.

  20. INTERNA9 says

    Love it !

  21. Hyra Kj says

    Love themusic

  22. Destiny Dinh says

    you guys need to leave those fish alone. They all scared, can you tell?

  23. Destiny Dinh says

    do not touch the stingray from behind his back, he might give you a nail in the stomach.

  24. Vernon Miller says

    Nice video, but huge detraction from enjoying the video when I'm constantly seeing you or others touching the marine life. Please learn to be a responsible diver and STOP touching the marine life and learn to act responsibly as a diver.

  25. Alex Malouf says

    You should never touch anything underwater, period. Great pics however.

  26. Squeeze Jack says

    did someone explained to you to don't touch nothing underwater ?

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