HYDROS PRO: Packing a complete dive set in a "carry on" backpack

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The ability to now travel with your complete dive bag in an overhead compartment changes everything. Watch as Rhys Couzyn packs an entire dive kit into the “carry-on” sized backpack dive bag included with the HYDROS PRO.

Rating: 4.76

  1. Ian Foster says

    Wish the bag had a couple of pockets on outside.

  2. Paul White says

    I wish the bag was a bit bigger as I can’t fit my kit in there now, never mind my 7mm and boots. Having said that, I bought the BCD for its quality not the bag it comes in.

  3. JD says

    no octopus on the regulator

  4. Ran Goldman says

    I think you have forgotten the diving boots 🙂

  5. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    And it completely advertises you are a diver…..

  6. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    That is an incomplete regulator…. who brings a snorkel on a dive trip….

  7. Jeff Morgan says

    didn't manage to get any booties in there

  8. ismail zeren says

    where are the boots?

  9. num1cheechwizard says

    Good Video but I know I would never put in my mask in like that. It is far too important for me to travel with out a hard case for the mask.I just know some inconsiderate idiot will slam his oversize hardbag into it.I carry my mask and computer seperate for that reason.

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