Filling my own SCUBA tanks…. how I do it!!

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After realizing there was a better alternative to dealing with dive shops, I decided to go this route…… and its a lot better (and often much safer… as there are many instances of getting bad air at dive shops..sometimes deadly). For those of you who have the choice,,, there is no choice… Filling your own tanks is superior. Of course you are now the one responsible for your own safety, so this must be done according to all established procedures (with no skimping on anything). Beats driving to and from dive shops too. Please DO NOT ask me “how to build one”. These machines are made specifically by professional diving supply companies. Making your own will likely result in your own death.

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  1. Just so I can Fing comment says

    This is useful information.
    I'm tired of ALL the local dive shops in Lee County Florida OVERFILLING MY TANKS to compensate for improper fast filling.

    Even after I specifically ask them to fill the tank only to the rated pressure on the tank at a rate of 250 liters per minute and let it cool and the pressure to go down on it's own then repeat until the pressure holds steady at room temperature at the tanks rated markings.

    I estimate that it should take no less than 10 minuets to fill it to the rated PSI stamped markings 30-60 minuets for the tanks temperature to stabilize to room temperature, 5 minuets to top it off slowly to stay cool while filling the last bit.
    For a total of 1hr 15 minuets to safely fill an 80cf AL3000.

    Instead the dive shops here will fill the tanks in 4-5 minuets to 3600 PSI and say done.
    Not happy at all. >:(

  2. Michael HaZe says

    Can I use a regular cheap aircompresser at my local home hawrdware (easyDive Explorer – The Complete Dive & Snorkel System) really wanna buy this but not sure whats safe to fill er with

  3. Dan says

    Useless click-bait video. What you see is an air compressor running for 1 and a half minute. That's all. Shame on you!

  4. Fry Pan says

    IS the tank in water in case of explosion?

  5. John Galt says

    I can't believe an industry literally has a monopoly on air.

  6. Ny Chan says

    I fart by air intake so my fart is bottled

  7. roman czyz says

    l have big question for what is flat panel of copper tubs on outlet stages

  8. Robert Leatherman says

    i purchased and uses the bauer scuba tank compressor. it works very well, takes about 20 minutes to fill a tank. the filters are not made to last for many fills and they are expensive $33. so that digs into your savings. i can bring the compressor on my boat (2649 Glacier bay cat) so I don't have to bring all those tanks to weigh the boat down. the compressor is heavy, so only lift with two people.

  9. Mikki Hintikka says

    do you use that "bucket" to absorve heat from the tank?

  10. Mike Lomeli says

    I'm thinking this type of compressor might be the way to go on a cruising boat. Thanks for posting.

  11. Android Gamer says

    Hi can i use a smaller cheap compresser ??

  12. Joe Leia says

    What is the fill station connection and valve that connects from compressor to scuba tank called

  13. Jeff Morgan says

    I am sorry not trying to flame this discussion but if some one has watched this video and is still asking what brand and model to purchase. They don't have the detailed attention required to operate and maintain such equipment in a safe condition. I also understand a lot of people are just flat out lazy minded folks. Sorry I really don't want to start a battle here.

    The BAURE breathable air compressors are by far the best money can buy and specifically engineered for safety of life breathing SCUBA and FIRE FIGHTING air support systems. All the other ignorant comments below need to be removed. Take the energy and use that in your google search to educate yourselves on the topic a bit before making idiotic comments.

    Even with all the disclaimers Digginrings posted to his video we still get idiot comments below and these same people operate motor vehicles on our highways at 80 MPH, GOD HELP US ALL!

  14. saladdogger says

    Consider hookah.

  15. Arvil Matlock says

    Theres compressors out alot cheaper that does a great job your paying for the name lol wise up

  16. Happydaze says

    Anybody have a creative or functional idea as to how to use a tank that can't be used for diving besides scrapping the aluminum?

  17. audiovoxdk1 says

    i have a question wouldnt it be possible to fill a scuba tank with a pcp compressor or would the air be to dirty to breathe ?? its just they are half the price of a dive compressor

  18. Randal Ruth says

    what fitting do you use to hook up to the compressor

  19. Dougie Quick says

    Coming from out in left field from a totally ignorant non diving person. I am looking into buying pcp air rifle and a compressor to fill it. Thought I read that people use scuba pumps to fill their pellet guns ….if that is true, what would happen if someone used the cheap 30mp pcp pump for pellet guns to fill SCUBA tanks?? Would the air be contaminated or not enough pressure from a $400 pump? I am just asking out of curiosity ….one pump is only hundreds and the others are thousands …what is difference? …be kind please I am not assuming ANYTHING…I am just interested….just want to know. Could the cheap pumps work in an end of the world as we know it scenario to charge scuba tanks of scott air packs? I mean IF there was nothing else available and THAT was all the one had access to, COULD it make do and work even if not optimal or even "safe"?

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