Daily Scuba News – Is Suuntos D5 going to show the Teric who's boss?

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Is Suuntos D5 going to show the Teric who’s boss
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Last week Suunto took their soon to be released D5 dive computer on the road to Nemo33 for its first tester for UK divers in the industry, sorry it was a by invitation only event, to take a look and get it wet. The D5 was announced Mid-December last year and you probably won’t see it on the shelves until March 19.

The D5 is Suunto’s first watch-sized, color screen dive computer. A hybrid between a D6 and an EON the D5 has a larger face than a DX but it’s not as chunky. The hardware is similar to their sports watch range and will be compatible with Suunto Spartan and 9 wrist straps so you can customize to your hearts contempt. Standard units are available in two colors; black and steel with two color strap options so four in total but you have a choice of 32 other straps you can swap to ranging from sporty silicone to NATO webbing and classic leather.


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Rating: 4.79

  1. Binford400 says

    Expensive knock off in my book. Shearwater has developed computers that grow with the diver. A little more up front for entry level diver, but can follow that new diver all the way tech level diving. There’s a lot to be said for that

  2. S Johnson says

    At that price point I sure hope they have solved all their trasmitter issues.

  3. mark crewe says

    Just stick with shearwater

  4. noobood says

    Bought mk1 seems a better buy

  5. God kinG says

    Do you have any idea how much would it cost?

  6. Preston Flick says

    Needs more tech features

  7. Dan Bowkley says

    I'd really love to see a dive computer that runs Android Wear. Or call it a really waterproof smart watch, whatever. NFC, WiFi, air integration, stuff everything in there. One watch to rule them all.

  8. autorog1234 says

    Waiting on iphone size dive wrist computer

  9. Marilu Carvallo says

    Wish can be use for running, with GPS and sync with HR strap.

  10. Team Peg Leg says

    Is the display customizable? For me that is one of the best features of the Teric, I can have all the information I consider to be important all on one screen.

    Also I think it is a mistake to not have technical features, at least at the US price of $900. Both of its major competitors, the Garmin Descent ($1000) and the Teric ($1,100) support Trimix and the Buhlmann decompression algorithm. Also they really should've went with Qi charging, using the same charger for my phone and my Teric is a really nice feature, I even have a battery that has a wireless charger built in.

  11. Eslam Zeid says

    I think I'll go with the Teric, as I believe that the D5 might have some problems specifically with the transmitter like the other Suunto computers.

  12. siraj ghazzawi says

    I think I've made the right choice by purchasing Garmin MK1 instead of waiting for the D5 to be released.

  13. DavidV328 says

    It looks nice. But vibration alarms must be pretty hefty to penetrate 5mm of neoprene…

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