1. Andrew Gillis says

    WAIT! So you're filling from your scuba tank. That means what ever air that is in the Spare Air is subtracted from from you main tank, the increased total volume of air is ZERO, nada, zilch. Why not just buy a cheaper pony tank and cheap regulator, which will do the same thing, but not subtract from the main tank. This product strikes me as a solution looking for a problem.

  2. nuget102 says

    I was looking into this not as a toy but to use for some shallow water scuba diving. What I mean is like exploring reefs in very shallow water where you would normally just use a normal diving mask just to get more time under the water. Now for that, would you recommend a product like this?

  3. Jack Jammen says

    4:33 Allen wrench

  4. Cameron Celliers says

    Rather buy a 7L Stage cylinder with an independent stage regulator. Its much safer as you have a pressure gauge and it carries waaaay more gas..

  5. T-Series says

    Can I use it für snorkling ?

  6. S D says

    Where do you get the thread adapter for the bottle?

  7. Dultra12 says

    This is very expensive

  8. Nathan De beer says

    Can it be refilled with like a bycycle pump

  9. Skull Fucker says

    How many PSI does it have? Like 3000-3500? And how long it lasts?

  10. God kinG says

    My dad just gave me one, this will be so useful in case of any emergency. i deal with beginners who do introductory many times . If anything happens this will be a great tool. imagine if a customer drowns or dies that would be devastating to the company. always be prepared.

  11. XxMotoGuyxX says

    I've been looking for a device to help me explore the lake I live near I can't afford a scuba bottle and scuba equipment but I want to stay under the water for extended periods of time how much is a rebreather and is there any other way to do this in a relatively cheap manner

  12. Børge_07 says

    er du norsk og var ikke du med på newton??

  13. Mommabear canada says


  14. Eng. Osama El sawaf says

    Hello dear
    Could you tell me what is your country.?
    Could you tell me how long it can stay under water? And how deep?
    Could you tell me how much is this product in your country?
    Could you tell me how much if you send it to me here in Egypt – Cairo
    Thanks for your help..

  15. csaba erdős says

    dude why you cant use it as a toy i dont understand what is the reason it dosent hurt you?

  16. Elpapu VIP says

    Fuck it I’ll use it as a toy for my pool

  17. Axel Kristiansen says

    Norgee <3

  18. Casper Rønhof says

    Its NOT a toy…
    These pony bottles are seriously dangerous..!!!

    Because people who don't know anything about scuba diving can buy them and they will probably get seriously injured or die when using it.. they have no knowledge regarding safety and what effect breathing from an pressurised air source under increased atmospheric pressure have on the human body… and it's too small for any serious use for certified divers triple the volume and add an additional 100 bar then it might be of some use for certified divers in an emergency.. that right there it's just crap.. they should be illegal for safety reasons to prevent undereducated and stupid people from harming/killing them self…

  19. Drew Klinetob says

    Can you use this if you want to snorkel

  20. Drew Klinetob says

    Can you use this if you want to

  21. Deadwaffle2 says

    I want one but it cost to much

  22. mike says

    The fact you gave it a good review makes me question your dive log. I dive jersey dark water and I have never seen anyone carry that POS death trap, not even green fins. That’s a bottle filled with false hope.

  23. Mr Majestic says

    Can it save your if you couldn't get out of a sinking ship, a tug bote fishing trawler or any other vessel.and how deep you can sink with it and still make it up without any diving training?
    Thank you for a review

  24. Eric Sahred says

    Watching the 90s baywatch show made me want one of these!

  25. De Hunter says

    How do you know the tank is full without air gauge

  26. T 155 says

    Hey Chris, is it useful while spearfishing ?

  27. Rundelhaus Code says

    I will play it

  28. stephen john baldwin says

    Just extend your traditional snorkel by one metre….you will find that you cannot breath at all if you descend to say 1.2 metres….this is why this is so dangerous… this kit is using pressure feed air at depth ..and that air will expand again in your lungs as you ascend …can be potentially fatal if you don`t know what you are doing ….( divers are trained in this knowledge )….with standard old fashioned mask and standard length snorkel / fins its easy to descend to six metres with a good technique on one lung full of air taken at sea level and have some fun …and its cheaper 🙂

  29. Michael M says

    I am certified but regardless I would love to have one of these as a toy in the pool

  30. simon says

    yes, i have 1,000,000 hours experience of wanking underwater. why do scuba or padi divers think diving is so complicated. it is common sense. yes i own a triton gill rebreather and it works great.!!!!

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