Suunto EON Core Vlog "User Test & Conclusion" vs Suunto EON Steel in TRUK LAGOON TEC Diving

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The Suunto EON Core launched worldwide on 18th October 2017, and we were lucky enough to cover the event – the video detailing our first reactions can be found in our library.

Before we headed off to Truk Lagoon in November we were able to source 2 of the brand new Suunto EON Core’s to dive with alongside our own EON Steels.
With some great Technical Diving ahead of us it seemed the perfect opportunity to compare against our regular device and to put the new kid on the block through its paces.

These are my own thoughts after diving with the EON Core for the duration of the trip alongside our own equipment.
Suunto has not requested this review, and both dive computers have been returned. There has been no biased opinion involved.

Please do let me know any thoughts you have in the comments, and of course please do feel free to like and share the video.

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Rating: 4.74

  1. God kinG says

    How much did you bought the core and steel?

  2. Özgür ERBAŞ says

    Thank you for such review. I have doubts but everything is crystal clear now. EON Core! 🙂

  3. van_hans says

    shit is english

  4. Jack Hudson says

    As a graphic artist/web designer, I have to say your logo animation is incredible. I've watched it over and over. Nice video, too. Thanks for the info.

  5. Jeff Morgan says

    As a new diver in the Pacific North West I am very happy with the Eon Core. I may be new to SCUBA but not new to digital electronics and previously tried a Suunto Di4 dive watch but the screen was a bit too small for my eyes. I have 41 dives on my Eon Core and I love it! I also use MacDive on my MacBook and MacDive app on my iPhone and iPad. I find it super easy to quickly download dives wirelessly from the Eon Core to my iPhone after a dive with just a button push on my MacDive application and it downloads every time. I recommend MacDive for those Apple users out there looking for digital dive log application. All in all a very nice setup! EON Core with rechargeable battery when fully charged supports 19 hours of operation. When using the included SuuntoDM5 on a Mac or PC you can customize what values and settings you want to see on the EON and in what order and configuration so there is quite a bit of flexibility on you desired screen layout.

  6. Sean John says

    Can you dive without the pod attached or is it a must have?

  7. comprendes mendes says

    Where on earth do you have 30° temperature at 61m?

  8. ecopsorn says

    Great review. Another guy in a review said that vore is not as customizable as the steel. Ehat is the real difference in customizing than? You mention in the video the prominent view for the core, so does this not exist in steel?
    I’d actually like to see compass, live air consumption and of course depth and no deco time, is this possible?

  9. Anders H. Andersen says

    Can you customize the screen layout to show average depth on the Core and Steel?

  10. Scuba Tuga says

    can you add bungees to this computer? thanks

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