Scuba Tech Tips: Tanks #1, Proper Filling – S08E02

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Is there a process dive stores should follow when filling a divers tank? Alec shares 5 key points store staff should follow when filling to ensure a safe and proper fill.

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Rating: 4.86

  1. Shaun Wilson says

    i love watching your vids and i'm not even into scuba 🙂 thank you!

  2. tresinc says

    I got overrun by robust experience. Thank you sir.

  3. Ajesh Kunjumani says

    Thanks you very much

  4. Bill Scurry says

    Excellent, the last frontier of dive shop arcana I know nothing about.

  5. FULL Throttle45 says

    Can you do a video on mixed gas filling

  6. hira doll says

    very nice give me the knowledge about fill the diving tanks thanks .

  7. caetano coutinho says

    whats the cost 3000psi cylinder filling

  8. troop1026 says

    Great video my friend. Tami does her open water this weekend in the Flathead Lake at the Boy Scout Melita Island. We always use those plastic covers that goes over the valve opening. On mean full off means used. And can be used over again.

  9. Tom Knudsen says

    Hi Alec, question… Should not tanks be filled in cold water if possible for safety reasons and expansion/heat build up.. I know most dive stores or dive clubs do not use this feature. But I have seen video from stores that poorly made or maintained tanks blow up.. Even though a regular 300 bar steel tank can have withstand up to 500-600 bar manufactory testing pressure, I would think any used tank is a potential "bomb"..

  10. Sails says

    Alic…… I have been wondering… is there a small, electric continuous run HP compressor that could be used to fill a cascade system? Something like a refrigerator compressor? That can run for days? This would be a cheap home fill system.

  11. Bruiser 38 says

    Looking forward to seeing how your fill station works. Great video.

  12. Born To Dive UAE says

    Thanks buddy

  13. Flatdog Sound & Light says

    Why if the pressure is below a certain number it need recertification ?? thanks

  14. David S says

    When I got certified in 1972, fast water tank fills were the norm. Things change. Someday, even Alec's students may realize a new norm. Although some teachers do teach incorrect information, most of the time old information is just refined to become the new norm. Not necessarily bad information (like cigarettes are good for you) but just a refined perspective or technology (example: "J" valves). I guess that is a big factor which makes old people seem old to the kids. It's hard to unlearn something (I need some new flash bulbs and film!).  I always thought those water tanks were Petri Dishes anyway – glad to see them go. I would be willing to bet the water bath fills were the only rinses a lot of tanks ever got though.  Thanks again Alec! Good show.

  15. Mark Thomson says

    Alec do you put your tanks in water when filling to keep them cool ? Thus a better fill.

  16. jared Rrrr says

    Freaking me out for years lol

  17. jared Rrrr says

    Watch jaws thank u

  18. Sails says

    Water tank fills are not mandatory because tank failures are incredibly rare. In Vancouver a freind who hydro's tanks for a living has had only one failure in 20 yrs and it was because he over filled the tank……. he forgot it was filling and went had a coffee. Oooops. A dive store immediately bought the tank from him and displays it in their store. Visual inspections are just a money grab by dive stores. If you are a keen diver…… join a group of freinds and buy an air compressor.

  19. amine jamile says

    thank you Mr Alec

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