Which Is The Best Fin Strap

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Which Is The Best Fin Strap
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Fin buckles can vary greatly but they are all designed to make donning and doffing the fins as easy as possible. The most basic buckle system uses an adjusting mechanism to loosen and tighten the strap to suit the divers and a quick release that will remove the strap from the fin allowing the fin to be easily removed without having to loosen the fin strap at the end of the dive.

Variations on this include an extending buckle which allows the diver to set the desired tension on the fin strap and never have to change it. The buckles themselves can be released and folded out to extend the fin strap temporarily to allow fitting or removal then folded back in place to restore the normal strap tension for the dive. Spring straps are also available and typically completely replace the fin buckle system and rubber strap.

The spring strap will use either a steel spring or bungee cord to provide the strap tension whilst a simple loop in the strap allows the diver to grab the strap and pull it into place over the heel. The tension in the spring or cord keeps the foot secure in the fin pocket.

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  1. Thom Nicholl says

    does the fin clip effect your heel moment at all??

  2. Adam Dean says

    I use the world's most ghetto spring straps, they are held on with zip ties

  3. Ziad J. Khalaf says

    love the new style of video! and the new intro is pretty sick

  4. omar sameh says

    can fin clips use spring straps instead of bungee straps?

  5. Aziz Brian Khan says

    Thank you so much for mentioning that the Hollis F1’s spring strap is adjustable. They were too big for my feet! I had no idea!!

  6. Richard Slater says

    Nice new intro. Fin clip seems good but I feel it may be awkward with rock boots.

  7. Lawrence Stark says

    Im thinking about going ahead and investing in the fin clips

  8. Heba Khaled says

    the bungee gets to wear out relatively quickly and gets torn apart at the worst time possible 🙁 steel spring on the other hand is the best by far
    I didn't try fin clip tho, i would only give it a try if it can be integrated with steel spring

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