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Welcome back to Florida Freedivers! Jonathan and Eric guide you to the best freediving mask out there: the mask that works for you. We all have different faces, and the freedive market has a mask for every dome.

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We love talking about freediving and want your help. Let us know what you want to see by leaving a comment and sharing your suggestions for the next episode.

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  1. Florida Freedivers says

    How do you keep your mask clear? Do you use an off the shelf solution or go with a little spit before you hit the water? Let us know!

  2. Yojimbo says

    Hey there, I'm in the market for a new mask but I have the same problem as Jonathan with my current mask that it hurts the ridge of my nose/forehead.
    Do you have any other masks you would recommend?

    I'm currently looking at Cressi Nano, Omer Alien and Aqualung Micromask.

    Thanks for the video and information to a lost Scandinavian 🙂

  3. Ken J says

    Toothpaste for a few cleanings on a new mask and then just spit. But my kids love the sea drops.

  4. fernando moll says

    super okio best mas ever

  5. bmw girl says

    sea drops for sure. Awesome guys, thanks

  6. Aerwyna says

    I will be near Your area doing some freediving films in may and June, I'm going to swing by the shop while I'm there.

  7. TheWaterboy50 says

    Hey guys!! Great info on mask for Free diving! Just starting out in freediving. Most advice I have gotten is low volume is best. I know fit has to be most important. Do you have any advice on lowest volume mask or any reviews? Thanks!! You have some of the best vids, in my opinion!

  8. Vitomir Maricic says

    uw stuff kick ass. Cool.

  9. Errol Putigna says

    I love the new channel! Great, vetted information! Definitely great information! Thanks, guys!

  10. Katsuking84 says

    I’ve always used spit but that’s because it’s the first one I used and it seems to work great and last along time.

  11. Eric Shearouse says

    I use Sea Drops in my Mares Viper. Most defogs work great, but I've just always grown up using the orange cap!

  12. Xhale Outdoors says

    Great videos and awesome info!

  13. DJ COLQUITT says

    You guys answered a lot of questions! Thanks for the info!

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