1. Phantom Forces ADIDAS says

    Scuba hmmmm Scuba yeah yeah its definentaly not a snorkel its a Scuba yeah yeah.

  2. the peoplz says

    Not scuba that is called snorkelling

  3. Thecoltplays Games says

    Nice video

  4. Brody Tonks says

    Snorkeling not scuba

  5. Sean B says

    SCUBA is an acronym….

  6. Ina Logsdon says

    my phone film in 4K

  7. Anata no Shi says

    Its not really a S,C,U,B,A (self contained underwater breathing apparatus) kit its snorkel which can be added to real scuba gear which costs around 2,500 dollars

  8. Laura Steen says

    So cool. Can't wait for the videos!

  9. HOOL-I- ,GAINS says

    what that's sooooo cocool dude some under water videos can't wait

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