1. Viso 01 says

    Hi instead of having 4×2 kg weights on my belt can I use 2×4 kg weights evenly spread on my hips ?

  2. Hi says

    I'm new, should I get coated or uncoated weights?

  3. Claytdogg X says

    im really big so when i use a rubber one i have to put it on so tight so it doesn't move around when i dive deep in could be effecting my dive time and i've noticed they creep up or down sometimes(i don't wear wet suit just a rashie and board shorts even in winter so maby thats why).

    the nylon ones it doesn't fit me coz i need alot of weights on it, witch shorten the belt and they move around like he said.

    now i use a vest and its great!!! never going back to belts i recommend them for bigger guys or any one whos sick of belts(You still have to wear a belt with some vest to stop it from sliding up but still better then belt by itself)

    i have 130cm chest and 113cm waist so the vest puts the weight where it needs to be it might not be an issue for you skinny guys.

  4. Greatwhite sharky says

    He did not say which way round to have the weight belt facing before putting on the weights did he?

  5. angelo pap says

    You certainly do not want to be neutral at the surface like you say. Because if you do,you eliminate your positive boyancy zone. For safety you must be positive weighted down to at least 35ft, or half your desired diving depth, which ever is higher.
    In this way you will always have a safety zone from at least 35ft up to the surface.
    Be very cautious when uploding videos and check the credability of your statements, as you unwillingfully mislead your viewers !!!!!

  6. Glurbschnurb says

    Good video, but you could have included the knot that should be on the end. 
    I've witnessed many times, novice divers handing the belt to someone on the boat, and the weights just slip off and down into the abyss. 

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