Scuba Diving Lessons : How to Navigate Underwater

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Navigate underwater when scuba diving by using a compass with the north arrow pointing between the double notch. Use the lubber line of a compass to move in different directions when underwater, with help from a scuba instructor in this free video on scuba diving.

Expert: Gregg Eddy
Bio: Gregg Eddy is a certified scuba instructor who has been teaching scuba classes for over 10 years.
Filmmaker: Clay Roberts

Rating: 3.23

  1. SPIRIT DOT says

    Like some fucking weekend diver even knows how to dive properely.if they need a compass then they don't need to be diving in the first place….. Leave that umderwater navigatiom shit to the military divers please.

  2. Carry Bradshaw says

    don't understand anything with this explanation

  3. Bryan Calhoun says

    yes, current can take u off of your course, but with good navigation skills you can re assess your location and get to your objective and also get home. these skills are taught to all Navy SEALS and U.S. Marine Recon as well as Green Beret scuba divers. the same basic rules and principles apply to the ground based Infantry who are in the woods and need a compass heading to get to an objective.

  4. John Glabb says

    Ну и где всё то, что в underwater navigator course? Про безель и компас рассказывают даже на open water diver. Это четвертое обязательное погружение. Видео ниочём.

  5. etsak75 says

    @PELO938 watch?v=–LWy2hIdG8 Thats how pilots do it

  6. Pierre Bouchard says

    I would have loved to have this lesson a couple times. The problem is always the same:current.

  7. Daniel Quartuccio says

    good video quick and to the point

  8. tumadoireacht says

    using a compass on a steel wreck -dumb

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