PADI Open Water Diver Course Skills

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Σε αυτό το video παρουσιάζονται οι 18 ασκήσεις του προγράμματος PADI Open Water Diver.
Σκοπός του είναι να βοηθήσει πρόσφατα πιστοποιημένους δύτες και δύτες που δεν έχουν πραγματοποιηήσει κατάδυση μέσα στους τςλςυταίους 6 μήνες, να τις θυμηθούν, με σκοπό να τις εξασκήσουν τώρα που ξεκίνησε η καταδυτική σεζόν (που δεν υπαρχει τέτοια στην Ελλάδ αλλά λέμε τωρα 🙂 ).

Rating: 4.75

  1. claudia reyes says

    Great video! but how do you stop yourself from swallowing water?

  2. David Kinyua says

    I have a gig for you.Need product review on our gas equipments.Please get to me on my email.

  3. respectfulremixer says

    I don't dive but I found this fascinating. Also, impressed by the patient way you responded to nit picking commentators, who are quick to criticise but not so quick to post their own vid of how they feel it should be done…

  4. Gunner Lowe says

    Why am I watching this I’m advanced certified?

  5. Apple Ywin says

    This instructional video is actually very clear for people who came here for a recap before they go for their next dive. For those who find it difficult to understand the 'sign' languages under water, you could probably search for 'signs for diving' and understand those hand signs first before continuing on the video. Of course, for those who are really good at guessing the signs, you probably could understand it pretty well:)

  6. DracariaEntertainment says

    Some people have said it here already, and i understand that yes we tell beginners the most important rule in diving is never hold your breath, but as you get more experience you realize this isnt actually the case. However, speaking as an instructor (PADI MSDT), during the demos of the skills for your brand new open water students, any time that the regulator is out of your mouth under the water, you need to be blowing bubbles. Not holding your breath and blowing intermittent bubbles. Constantly blowing steady non stop stream of bubbles. Im talking about the demonstration portion. What we show to our students. That is what we want them to see. If you did any of that breath holding during a skill on the IE, its an automatic fail.

    Everything else was good and interesting to see subtle differences. Like with the air sharing skill.

    Oh. And when you turn off the students gas, get them to watch the spg. And you should be behind them so you can both watch the spg.

  7. Irwansyah Lubis says

    Dear Sir good to see you…
    Tanks for Tutorial Video Scuba Diving
    God bless you.

  8. xSandygirlx says

    Loved the video. Incredible how he can teach so well without words

  9. Disabler says

    Im actually a little angry at PADI. They hijacked diving. Thanks to PADI and the other organizations youre no longer allowed to dive or buy/rent equipment or even teach other people how to dive. They are a threat against our freedom and if we keep letting corrupt organizations take control the NWO is right around the corner..

  10. skyway rabbit says

    Relax … Took me years .. on Land !!!

  11. LionCat79Gaming Gameplay says

    Who is that woman, is it your wife?

  12. brittonrs26 says

    No, you never take your buddy's secondary regulator. You tell them you're out of air and ask to share air. They then are supposed to give you their spare regulator. The air donor needs to be the one in control at all times. Also, you never ever hold your breath.

  13. Muni Ng says

    This is some new type of ASMR I swear

  14. Isabela Pichardo says


  15. hamed.elagamy says

    I wish there was translations in vedio

  16. Lezuum says

    ..but why the hell are you sitting on the pool-floor?

    Shouldn't you learn buoyancy as the first thing in class?

  17. EJ437 says

    I’m taking PADI to

  18. Donna Flowers says

    Definately not a vid for a novice. I wil be googling half of this, well more than half. My my love is sooo worth it!! Il be back

  19. Petter Jakub Økland says

    I'll be sure to use this video to get ideas on skills to hone on during safety stops (or during dives)!

  20. Rod Cole says

    Great Video seems like a lot to learn…

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