1. Caleb says

    Hey dude… ………. YOU ARE A GENIUS!

  2. Ashanti Dutch says

    Just what I was looking for thank you for taking the time to share

  3. Burhaneddin Muntasser says

    What's the little loop on the reel line for?

  4. oscarramirez says

    Pretty clever!

  5. Red Reef Media says

    What size bungee cord?

  6. LUIS FRANCO says

    What brand of dsmb and reel is that? That setup looks great.
    Thank you.

  7. Bruce Thee says

    Reminds of the credits in Napoleon Dynamite

  8. John Iringan says

    How do you stow the dsmb if used with a spool?

  9. David Convery says

    where do u get a bungee loop?

  10. Linda Scuba says

    Super, vidéo simple et claire. Merci 🙂

  11. Red Reef Media says

    Nice job. What size bungee cord? Did you make look yourself?

  12. Robert Bodziock says

    Nice vidéo.!

  13. MrNotebookguy says

    Thank you so much for making this video

  14. jb2cool says

    1046Fay, a spool is even easier to stow with the dsmb as you don't have to bother with the bungee loop used to tie them together. What kind of attachment point does your dsmb have (fabric loop, bolt snap, other)? Once I know what you have, I'll knock up a new video just for you.

  15. 1046Fay says

    Great video..I'm changing my DSMB soon from a fairly large reel to a smaller spool, purely to make it easier to carry and deploy….I'm unsure how to put it together…any idea's please?

  16. Hannah Banana says

    Nice video! 🙂

  17. jb2cool says

    How is there any less parts? Your way still has a reel, a DSMB, a loop of bungee and a boltsnap. Parts appear to be exactly the same.

  18. cheltcanary says

    whats the purpose of the bolt snap on the end of the dsmb? is it only to tie the reel line and bungee to? if so, bit of an over kill….. best way i've seen is to put bolt snap on endo fo the reel line, clip that onto the black dsmb cord…. drill a smal hole on the end of the reel handle opposite end to fixed reel bolt snap, tie loop of bungee one end through smal hole you've drilled, one end through reel bolt snap, fold up dsmb and loop bungee over dsmb and under reel – less parts!

  19. David Herbert says

    Easy,, that's just to keep you awake at night wondering what the answer is.

  20. jb2cool says

    The tiny one at the end? that's just something to grab onto to help you untie it again.

  21. SpiderJon says

    Just wondering – what's the little loop on the reel line for?

  22. Laurent GIORELLO says

    Great job!!!

  23. jb2cool01 says

    crazycons, i also typically use a spool instead of a reel as i like the way that there is nothing to jam or break. One of the few times i find a reel more usefull is when i have to drag a DSMB behind me for the while dive and the depth might change frequently. For regular dives when i release the DSMB at the end and ascend then i use a spool.

  24. crazycons says

    I'd prefer a spool instead since the break of the real may cause you to lift yourself as you can se in many videos here on youtube

  25. guffnuts says

    Very "Art Attack"

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