Blending In // Freedive Wetsuit

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Scott Smith and Cheyne Magnusson test out the new 2017 Body Glove Free Dive Wetsuit while looking for Yellowtail in Southern California. Available in either Blue Water Camo or Kelp Camo, this 2-piece Free Dive system has left no stone unturned. Key features include a molded, exterior load pad, extended tritec knee pads, fully articulated sleeves & legs, secure, heavy duty locking fasteners, high waist pant & beaver tail jacket, and smooth-skin face, wrist, waist band & ankle seals.

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Divers – Scott Smith, Cheyne Magnusson
Cinematographer – Greg Browning
Editor – Scott Smith
Music – Flares “Ruinum”

Rating: 4.63

  1. 03FORCE21 says

    Everything he said is true…accept go with a HECs or Yazbeck wetsuit

  2. NADS IQ says

    camo wont stop a bull shark

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