Kid Drysuit Dives Lummi Rocks

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Logan the Kid scuba dives in his new used dry suit at Lummi Rocks, in Washington State. Follow along as we suit up and go diving. Filmed with a GoPro Hero 5 and Hero 4. Logan is using a used DUI drysuit and Mike has his new Aqualung Fusion Drycore Suit.

Rating: 4.17

  1. oufc29 says

    how old is logan and did he do the open water course before wearing the drysuit ? and how did he go to toliet while underwater or how would you ?

  2. Keith Turner says

    Did he do the open water course to get to the drysuit as if not he shouldn't be wearing a Drysuit

  3. Jessy2 Theboat says

    Why did you use the little aux outboard

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