Found a MOTHER LODE of old bottles diving at 141 year old hotel

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On our way to a weekend of camping at Sandbanks, decided to stop at an old hotel my friend had told me about. Went scuba diving under the docks and found a lot of vintage bottles.

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  1. André Constantineau says

    Drop a thumbs up if you guys want to see more videos like this one!!:D If you are new here, please consider subscribing and help me reach 500 subs. Cheers

  2. Running Grass says

    Go back and dig deeper

  3. John White says

    I will be your 500th sub. I deserve a bottle, right?

  4. dana mennerich says

    looks similar to stuff i find. i'm seeing sodas from 60's, 50's and 40's. nothing too old. you should try digging deeper it will be hard to see because it's lake so fan the area and come back later. keep digging until stop finding stuff! good luck!

  5. Jim Northland says

    The one old green bottle is neat, but not valuable. I'd bet there are older ones under six inches of mud. Best ones will be embossed with local companies logo.

  6. John Cookman says

    The brown bottle with the " Crowned W " logo on its bottom is a Whiskey bottle from the Hiram Walker & Sons Company ( Walkerville Ont )

  7. Ghost Raven says

    Awesome Videos Andre. Keep up the great work . Great  to see someone interested in history and cleaning our rivers never hurts either . This was a great spot and hopefully you get back there soon. Could easily be some real gems down there given the history and do not discount the value of soda bottles either. Lots of collectors out there. Good Luck

  8. Detecting4Life says

    Good stuff! Dropped you a sub to get you closer to 500

  9. Pascal Vallee says

    Nicely done my friend 🙂

  10. 925inder says

    There could be some more older bottles. Generally older unembossed bottles like that Green beer/whisky are not worth much 2-5 $, but there could be a gem out there. Much easier than digging out of dump. You got to go back and show us more. Just subbed. HH, Sebastian

  11. Digging Canuck says

    Great dive. Tons of bottles !!!!!

  12. Pacediver says

    I don't blame you looks like a great spot obviously not pick over by other divers, I'm sure there are more "treasures" out there good luck

  13. Pacediver says

    Ha I was thinking about the gloves soon as I started to watch,, the green one looks like a winner maybe late 1800,lots of info on the Internet , I use a plastic had rake and I've seen some use long prongs for checking the mud. Great video keep them coming

  14. Pomponette Soaps says

    the dark green one is a rum or whiskey bottle…pre 1900's…(3 pieces black glass mallet bottle)…made out of 3 pieces Mold and free blown…some of them are worth a couple hundred bucks.

  15. Relic Dirtyhands says

    Loved the video, unbelievable how much you found!

  16. Justin Hawthorne says

    Looks like fun. That larger brown bottle is a whiskey, probably from the 1940's. The black/green one is a good find. Looks like a black glass beer bottle that is pre-1900, possibly from England.

  17. xil fred says

    Great video man!

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