ARIA Full Face Snorkeling Mask

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‪OCEAN REEF‬, leader in the market of ‪FullFaceMask‬ technology, with our own Integrated Diving Mask Systems ‪(IDM‬) , after developing the ‪‎FirstEver‬ full face snorkeling mask 2 years ago, now presents the biggest hit in the ‪water‬ enjoying products realm :
we are glad to showcase for the first time ever our newest crown jewel.
Ladies and Gentlemen meet

underwater, naturally.

Rating: 4.75


    Wow amazing

  2. Maximilian Wihlborg says

    This is for noobs. For people who know Nothing about snorkling. And it's much safer to just use normal equipment…

  3. Mari Marsell says

    Can you breath under the water???

  4. Eagle sky says

    Hi I want to purchase one and my size is 11.5 cm so which size I should buy ?

  5. J Case says

    These are the perfect travel cases for these full face masks. Snorkel Mask Storage Travel Case:

  6. Beebo Beebo says

    Will water go in when I go upside down underwater?

  7. James Christopher says

    How do you equalize

  8. Ahgii says

    Well they should have added a nose clamp that clamps to ur nose.

  9. javo hesa says

    How cn i clean my mask……….

  10. TheBestCartoons1 says


  11. javo hesa says

    How can I choose my exact size …… to buy online …..

  12. Francesco Bacchini says

    Welcome to the future of snorkeling.

  13. beugen2001 says

    It's will be nice if they could make something to put an mini oxygen tube to it so you can go underwater with it for 5-10 minutes

  14. La Casa De Papel says

    the water soul not go inside the mask. I see your mask is filter with water til your chin

  15. frinkyyy says

    just go on ebay,
    there like 30-40$

  16. Daniel DeJesus says

    who the heck did the audio on this video. tone it down a tad young lad. seemed more like the audio for a cure of cancer lol

  17. Phrancis5 says


  18. egorevr says

    Полная хуйня для плавания только на поверхности…И вообще, все маски Oceanreef говно…Даже в профессиональных масках заебешься продуваться…

  19. Kamarul says

    can i go down around 500m with this

  20. Abz Cabz says

    I got beard from two years how would this do for me,

  21. Games For Cykits says

    I buy it

  22. 张凯 says

    are you sell this mask? i can't open the link. if possible could you add my whatsapp: +8613510539846

  23. علاء الخزاعي says

    كيف احصل على هذ الجهاز

  24. The Tricky Outdoorsman says

    What is difference between this and the Neopine mask?

  25. Icarus 7 says

    will you sell it in kazakhstan ?

  26. Sara Papantonio says

    How do you remove the snorkel after use?

  27. joel kim says

    So when ur fully submerged within the water you can still breath? Even when the snorkel is all the way submerged?

  28. Leospyder leo says

    Grazie mille

  29. Leospyder leo says

    ma si può usare per fare pesca sub

  30. Hanzo Main says

    looks like the mask from avatar (the blue people)

  31. matthew sherrouse says

    I have tried on both the Tribord and the Ocean Reef masks, and I like the ocean reef better. the air tube is bigger and i feel it is easier to breathe, Also Ocean Reef is a producer of high quality products, so while it may cost a bit more I know that my warranty will be taken care of.

  32. linck7up says

    real bad add

  33. Leospyder leo says

    è il progetto sbagliato della easybreath

  34. Sideq Che Sabri says

    where can i get this mask in malaysia

  35. Peter Jacobsen says

    How do you find your size, you can only choose between small and large!?

  36. Brotha Hanif says

    how do you equalize your ears while wearing this mask?

  37. Robert Frank says

    The Ocean Reef masks will be available in a month or so in the US at stores like Dick's, Academy and others under the Head brand. They will not be available in dive shops until later in the spring of 2016. I tried one of the Ocean Reef Aria masks last week and loved it. First, it fits perfect. Second, it doesn't fog up. And third, if you dip under water to look at some marine life or take a photo, when you surface you do not have to blow the water out of the snorkel. It drains automatically so you can just keep on breathing without lifting your mask out of the water. How cool is THAT!

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