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Adreno’s Lucas Handley, The Underwater Hunter, summarises the differences in dive fin types.

Choosing the right fin is vital to give yourself the best performance in the water. Fins are designed for different purposes and for different people depending on their body type.

General snorkelling fins are comfortable and generally cheaper than most fins, perfect for relaxed snorkelling and exploring on those summer holidays.

Scuba diving fins are a little more advanced in their performance. Their range in performance is dependent on the material and shape of the fin from hard plastics through to rubbers. In general, you can expect the price you pay reflects the quality of the fin you purchase.

If you need fins for freediving, they will generally have longer blades, which have a lot of flex and allow for better efficiency in each kick. Small effort goes into long kicks and makes swimming in currents easier. A similar design is used for spearfishing where efficiency in each movement is required for deep dives over long time periods.

Using a hard blade is good when you need to move around more or to the surface quickly (for example when your breath hold is not as good) then a harder blade with the immediate response is preferable. If you’re able to hold your breath longer and have more relaxed movement then you can use a softer blade. Softer blades also create less disturbance in the water and are less prone to scaring away fish.

Sometimes if you’re looking to progress to a more advanced blade, you are able to remove and replace your old blade from your foot pocket given they are compatible.

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  1. Mel Makavali says

    Split fin

  2. Miles Jupp says

    Great summary, thanks.

  3. Wim M says

    Awesome information and explanation.
    Thanks very much.

  4. Noah Anderson says

    How much is the freedivings you have

  5. Jack Madsen says

    Where are U guys located

  6. Jay Ch says

    Amazing… What types of swim fins flippers will make your strengthten your calves and lover legs more? Thank you

  7. Reel Fishing says

    why are some find rounded at the end and sum have a different cut

  8. sonya bunyan says

    I wonder what if you used a shark tale cut off and make it to flippers I wonder XD

  9. Francis Ho says

    Does the foot pocket bracket/rail sized standard? What i mean is can I purchase a Mares Razor Fins and change to Omer's blade on it?

  10. Jed Lumanas says

    Thank you! I like the 2nd fin! It's affordable too!

  11. Christopher O'Brien says

    I’m new to the sport and only have my snorkel fins. I don’t know if I want to invest in carbon fins because I will be fishing water 25 feet and below. Do you think that I need carbon fins/freediving fins?

  12. CAN KILLER says

    Hello, is there any advantage in using the belted fins to the ones that you just slide your feets in?
    I personally prefer those with no adjustable belt just because of the simple design, more good looking let's say, but, is there any advantage to the belted ones or it's just a question of fitting any feet size?
    Thank you

  13. Mike McLaren says

    we have so many different fins because the manufacturers keep trying to come up with different gimmicks in hopes you will spend your hard earned cash on their products. I bet this guy could do a video on the different needs and purposes between angle cut sandwiches and straight cut sandwiches ;0)

  14. jvb 7 says

    Hi there, thanks for the video. I'm looking for a pair of fins to spearfish with and to dive down to catch crays with. I'm usually in waters 5-10m deep. I weigh a 100kg and am 6 foot 3 with a reasonably athletic build. I'm looking for the goldy locks fins that will actually push me under water but won't gas my legs out/raise my heart rate too much. I'm a US 13 and think I have a wider foot. Can you recommend some entry level to intermediate fins, ​please?

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Adam Calcaño says

    What is the fastest fin?

  16. Maro Kriste says

    For start short fins are beter i recomend not to dive with long fins in curents.

  17. wcu9 says

    does anyone else think the guy in this video kinda looks like michael fassbender

  18. ben freedom says

    U dont mention open vs closed toe

  19. Mohammed Malek says

    Nice video, keep making more

  20. a90leX says

    How should my foot sit in the fin? Rather lose (a little movement) or a little tight (a little pressure)?

  21. Vladimir Sidorov says

    Split fins for cave diving? 🙂 No way

  22. nancy kheir says

    im 13 i go spearfishing in Sydney i need new ones and i go deep and do not know what to get the deepest i can go 60 or 50 feet down

  23. Bunk Man says

    Tom Brady has a side gig selling fins?

  24. Albert MR says

    What model is that bouchat fin?

  25. Blue Ming says


  26. DarkSagan says

    Excellent video

  27. Dan Joseph Camongol says

    Good stuff! I just have a question. I'm a beginner freediver and I have a pair of Beuchat Mundial One fins. I want to upgrade to a fiber glass or similar. But I don't know which stiffness to choose. I'm upgrading because I researched that fiber glass ones are better and I'm always really having a hard time using the Mundial One; my ankles get tired even though I'm using it for almost a year now. I don't know what's the stiffness of the Mundial One and I haven't used any fiber glass ones yet so I don't know if I should get a soft or a medium.

  28. Obione Kenoby says

    Hi Lucas.please make one video about all CARBON AIMRITE SPEARGUN in your's shop.Please make this video because i wont to buy AIMRITE CARBON but i wont to see from nearly body and head all AIMRITE CARBON.THANKS IN ADVANCE.My imail is : [email protected].

    Thanks again .
    Mr.Plamen Lilov

  29. emre koçdemir says

    ofkors pörfet

  30. chet mcguire says

    Long fins = legs move slower, with no burst of speed. Rocket fins = not as much efficiency but you can make bursts of power and speed. Also the Rockets fins you're going to spook game with faster kicks.

  31. Col79 says

    Pros and cons on glass vs carbon please, also where they are made I like to buy Aus when I can

  32. xPhoneQ says

    I have the long one

  33. Agur Paesüld says

    Great explanation about how to choose soft/medium stiffness blade for FD. Thanks!

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