1. Phillip Borbon says

    I took a full face mask course my self, pretty much like the reef also, but I have not tried the ots as of yet to distinguish the both.

  2. Tino Dietsche says

    What type of weight pockets did you have installed on the XR Wings?

  3. diver dave says

    …mmm I sure hope you spend time having them practice switching out the full face with the mask in the dark ( turn off the lights in the pool room )

  4. Phil Bess says

    Great comparison of the features Brian.

  5. Will says

    Thank you. I’m located on the West Cost of Florida. If I ever get up y’all way I’ll look y’all up and we go for a dive

  6. Rambo John - J says

    One is bubbles in the face the other blows it out the side. I would get ots for home pool hookah tank line etc.

  7. Donovan C. Young says

    It's so hard to find any information comparing FFMs, so THANK YOU for doing this! Looking forward to the next video comparing features. Keep it up guys!

  8. Will says

    If he was my son I would be very proud of what he has accomplished in SCUBA diving community. Just looking for a fellow SCUBA dive and one that I would dive with any time.

  9. Will says

    Yes I did see all of that as well

  10. Will says

    I do understand that and that he is still new to the sport. But at the same time and given his dive level that should of been programmed into him way before he got his jr dive master

  11. mike magyar says

    thanks for doing this test. I have been trying to decide for the last 6 months on which one to get. I ended up getting the guardian simply because a few of the divers use OTS stuff and while they are said to be able to communicate between brands I just wanted to make sure there weren't any hiccups. I plan on looking out for a space extender mask used or on sale and might just get both. thanks again for the video, I have watched most of your content and value your opinions and thoughts. Keep up the good work!

  12. Ranger77 says

    HUGE thumbs down Brian! it clearly says "NO DIVING" and what are you all doing?! diving! you give us law abiding(weren't you a cop and a Sheriff?) divers a bad name. haha

  13. Samuel Marcano says

    Great video! are the communications systems compatable?

  14. TwoSpoiledDivers says

    In an inverted /severe head down position the exhale valve is higher than the inhale valve causing the ocean reef to free flow.The manufactures solution is to adjust the regulator not fix the faulty design .The comms between both units are both much different in clarity.

    Ford vs Chevy debate
    Both have pluses and minuses
    We had 9 predator masks the Gdiver mask is much better than their top of the line mask. Had a multitude of other problems.

    Appreciate your videos and continuing commitment to educate divers.

  15. John Jones says

    Finally, Finally someone addresses the issue with extra buoyancy when diving FFM. No other reviews or videos talk about it, but I love my ocean reef gdiver mask, and yes, every time I have to make sure I add an additional two pounds, otherwise I'm too floaty at the end of the dive to make a proper safety stop. Thanks for the video.

  16. b st john says

    my first mask was a kirby exo = over kill and have used both ots & ocean reef and i purchased the ocean reef. Do tell where did u get the lite mounts? and one other thing can a ocean reef communicate with a ots ?????????

  17. I was talking to a fellow diver about a ffm and he said your air consumption would be higher with one vs with a traditional make and reg. Is this true? Also of it is why is it like that? Thanks

  18. Will says

    You do a great job and I know it takes a lot of time away from y’all family when all is said and done. Thank y’all for doing them
    When I was watching the jr master diver take off his regular dive mask to put and clear the full face mask I saw him just put his regular diving mask on the pool floor and went to the full face mask to do the procedures. I have always been trained that you put or clip your mask back so it doesn’t float away by the currents so if something does go wrong you can put back on your regular face mask and can see, and your eyes ect are safe again so you can make it back to the land or boat is.

  19. Thomas Nelson says

    it would be interesting to see what the comparison to an OTS Spectrum would show

  20. Rev Tech, LLC says

    Okay funny enough I think what you've proven here is what everybody already knows LOL not to say your students average but generally speaking anyone in the recreational setting will always seem to be more in tune with the Ocean Reef series they are just simply better design and come from a place of the Open Water diver in mine they were created to fill a gap in the market originally and have done very well over the years executing it however OTs came from the commercial World down to the recreational world Ergo we have something that's built on liability and performance and integrity so I say six of one and half dozen of the other I'd suggest to any diver to fit the equipment to the purpose of their diving but just a mutt it all up with my $0.02 hands down Ocean Reef everyday except on the days people are paying me LOL

  21. Lars Sveen says

    I have an older Ocean Reef FFM. The purge button fell off and there is no way to purge it now (purge button on the older model is a small hard plastic insert). I tried getting Ocean Reef to replace it, but they say they will no longer support it and want me to buy a new model. Do you have any experience with that issue? Any suggestions as to who I might contact to service it?

  22. Jason Moretz says

    We had an awesome time trying out both masks. As Michael and I talked about it in the way home, there are smaller things about each we liked and would love to have the best of both. However, we both agreed the Ocean Reef was best for us, but it’s all personal preference!

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