How to Snorkel, Snorkeling Class for Beginners

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Join Angie Treasure from as she takes a beginner snorkeling class to learn some of the basics and has a great time at Adventure West Scuba!

For more information and a detailed post about snorkeling visit:

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  1. aldrich inciong says

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  2. David Lochhead says

    It's nice to flounce the shop but to not even give a single tip when the title says class for beginners is really lame

  3. Sosic says

    how to snorkel: Don't breathe the water you daft fuck. There.

  4. Dope Penguin says

    this was so helpful!


  5. Daniel Cardenas says

    How do you breathe while having snorkel on your mouth?

  6. Imran Kayani says

    I went snorkeling.

  7. Eashwer B. Iyer says

    Do you have to know how to swim well

    or floating is sufficient

  8. Almirante Kiko says

    wow,Amazing now i fell like a submarine !!!

  9. motoputz says

    What happened to the “how to”

  10. pearl arsse says

    at least show us your ass!!!

  11. Kirk Dyreson says

    Rhonda Rousey.

  12. naw man says

    I’ve learned nothing about snorkeling by watching this video only that you can snorkel. So stupid.

  13. TheMKG26 says

    You are TERRIBLE we wanted to see BIKINI. CURSE U

  14. Christine DeFalco says

    If you don’t understand she’s saying SHE took a beginner snorkel class! Relax about saying the title was wrong and it didn’t teach you.

  15. Jim Berman says

    Am sure you meant….well, just one actual instruction…..I agree….the title needs a little change.

  16. Deep Love says

    Kai bolli baya kai kalla ch nahi … useless video

  17. panoramablack says

    Great tips sis

  18. Josh. C says

    Why are you wearing different fins in the water

  19. Anthony X says


  20. Aviator168 says

    This is more like an adver than a how to.

  21. Stuart Knox says

    So when does the video show us how to snorkel? 3 mins of my life I'll never get back again.

  22. Antonio Sanches says

    Came here to learn something, learned nothing.

  23. Sophie He says

    Cool, and here are some other tips may be useful too

  24. MethHeadRedNeck says

    Thank you i didn’t know How to Empty the snorkel

  25. Trip's World says

    You kind of look like pam from the office.

  26. Dan Val says

    you're so pretty

  27. Noble6 says

    Your kick is all fucked up looks like you paid 25$ to learn how to suck ass

  28. Turd Ferguson says

    She's very pretty

  29. Paul Freeman says

    Rename this video "How Not To Make a How to Snorkel Video." F@#K!

  30. Rina Soetandar says

    Doesnt teach us anything.. Dont watch it

  31. Chopper Rolls says

    Snorkelling position-poor
    Fining action- poor
    Surface dive- poor

  32. Carlos Ponce says

    Vocal fry is annoying…

  33. Great Vids says
  34. Brigonza Gaming says

    um you dont need a class for snorkeling…

  35. Lewis Ingram says

    so how do you snorkel under water…

  36. okay idc says

    What do you have to learn to snorkel, just fucking put that thing on to breathe and fucking swim

  37. Wonder FN says

    Hey! i was just wondering is there any good beaches or open waters in idaho? blackfoot or pocatello.

  38. reuel joshua says

    I want to rub my dick on her nose

  39. Thought Frankly says

    its an ad! a bad one at that

  40. Thought Frankly says

    thanks for wasting our time

  41. Andrew Farmkid says

    This video sucks but she is cute though…

  42. Daniel gregory says

    This is some lady swimming around

  43. Stephen Curry says

    wait you can go underwater?

  44. Soxruleyanksdrool says

    How to snorkel my ass! This is how to take a class on snorkeling.

  45. KneeDeepScience says

    Useless video.

  46. D04ini22 D122 says

    There is no point in taking this class tbh

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