1. Mike Sobirey says

    thanks useful video; the best naked facts!

  2. Ian Smith says

    I find it strange that they go to great lengths to have a cameo suit, but it has a large white logo defeating the concept.

  3. princesa marquez says

    That's a thick wet suet

  4. OasisofSpirit says

    Get a pair of panty hose (your size of course, yea I mean you dudes) put on then slide into the bottom suit, you WILL slide right in and use a plastic bag for the arms. Put hand inside plastic bag THAT GOES TO ELBOW and put through wetsuit arm. Pull bag out through the cuff area once arm is in, then use on the other arm. No need for all that soapy mess!

  5. Brek Brek says

    Really? Never had to do that to put on a wetsuit.

  6. STARCATTER2012-kicker says

    Your suit is dope where you get it ?

  7. László Béky says

    hol vedted

  8. gordpac says

    why is there a dick hole?

  9. firdaussi Razor says

    Would the same procedure work equally well for a latex coverall one-piece suit?

  10. using spray bottle to put lube in I really don't think its best way of lubing! i usually use 1-3 liters of lube to get into suit as lube is worth nothing I don't not care about as long as suit is safe, all of the extra lube will end up on ground… no big hassle

  11. how pris ?

  12. Viso 01 says

    I want to try on a wetsuit will I have to lube it still the wash it out or can I turn it inside out to try on ?

  13. Sea Word says

    it is really usefull video for wearing spearfishing suit as Newer.

  14. The_MasterGamer says

    this is a good vid. I also use a 50~50 hair conditioner to water mix in a bottle and pour it in the same way this guy does … into the sleeve ,head and legs. works great also.

  15. Emd Air says

    Where Do you get the Wetsuit

  16. Rezart Ferrua says

    thanks useful video

  17. SethRocksYou says

    What are you spraying into the wetsuit?

  18. duilio battisti says

    bella muta

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