Cheap and Very Bright Waterproof LED Torch!!

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Today Nick brings us a review of his flashlight!

**If you intend on buying this for wreck or night dives I would only recommend this as backup light.**


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Rating: 4.04

  1. PooL DaeD says

    If anybody here have extra flashlight, im asking for you to donate one on me please. Here is my address. Waterview Beach resort poblacion hika , compostela cebu city , philppines.. Plss.. I need it thanks in advance and god bless. By Joshua Tabada.

  2. Eazyduzit says

    This video was like 6 minutes too long

  3. saltlife.jacob says

    I have the same light hasn’t worked since I got it was really disappointed since I can’t afford a nice dive light

  4. Flash Fire says

    Doesn’t sound like it’s worth the batteries

  5. HeLi8one says

    It has a Cree led, after googleing the datasheet it turned out to have 1000 lm. Aliexpress closed the dispute I opened for it as it was sold to me as 2000 lm.

  6. Thought Frankly says

    the charger that came with mine doesnt work so i have to use AAAs its fine but at first i couldnt figure out how to turn it on, u just have to tighten it a lot

  7. dody funas says

    That how many meter can use for diving?

  8. Neno Štraleger says

    you unscrew it a little for turning off, does the water gets in when you turn it off inside water ?

  9. Fritz Merkel says

    I have 3 of these. Notes on the video – the 'aluminum' head….isn't. It's just painted plastic. One on mine fell off. Does not affect function and I just epoxied it back on. The problem is not uncommon.

    ANY ULTRAFIRE is likely junk. I got one with mine said it was 3800mA and checked with an analyzing charger >> it was 600! That's right 600. An alkaline AAA has more capacity. Don't trust anything Ultrafire. You can get MUCH better batteries. Stay with big brand names like Panasonic, Sony, LG, Samsung. Get a decent charger too.

    Construction varies a LOT. Some are OK, some are not so good. O-ring number can vary. Often the O-ring grooves have small ridges in them from the mold. These should be smoothed out carefully with very fine wet/dry sandpaper or they are likely to leak.

    The actually light is a P-60 drop-in. These also can vary. Some have a smooth finish (tighter beam) some are orange peel with a more diffuse beam.


  10. Darius Deganu says

    Can i buy one for diving?

  11. Li Adam says

    what a good stuff. I am using one flashlight which compacting four function into one. best value, multi-function and good quality. check it out:

  12. Michael p says

    i have 4 ive used on dives to 90ft. they work well …. you do need to get name brand batteries…. no fire junk ones.  2500 mah battery will get you 2 dives on high.  Ebay ones are 3 mode for about $6 currently.  a little hard to turn on off under water due to slippery smooth bezel/head.

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