Tusa Titanium Dive Knife: Shark Waters

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TUSA FK-940 “Expert II” Titanium Dive Knife:

SCUBA Diving in TNP. We head to the 55ºF Pacific Waters and Kelp forests to test the Tusa FK-940 titanium dive knife. Unlike its steel counterparts it will never rust and is low maintenance. Featuring a 4.5″ classically styled clip blade, this Tusa is feather light, has a perfect secure sheath, and a non-grabby polymer handle. It does come in 420 SS versions but this is our rec’d one: the titanium. We’ll have an interesting POU discussion on this blade but it will center on its tool and kelp cutting functions; we using the Bill’s Bangstick, spear pole, and common sense for shark defense mostly. The FK could also function as an excellent LBE knife with it’s extreme lightweight. In a carried-much-used-seldom POU, the 64AL Titanium will function just fine.

I like the Tusa but here’s some other good options:
Cressi Skorpion Titanium Dive Knife:
Promate Barracua Titanium Dive Knife:

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Rating: 4.78

  1. andthecowsaysmoo4 says

    Classic. I tune in for a dive knife review, end up buying an underwater shark Deringer. Oh Nutn’

  2. Dota Gamer says

    nutnfancy may you please tell me what the thicness of the blade is? I found no information about the thickness anywhere.

  3. Two Niner says

    Who knew Nutn was afraid of swimming with the seals and in kelp? As someone who grew up on the coast and a long time TNPer I just lol

  4. Patrick Fealy says

    Get the biggest and heaviest steel knife for diving then Cary less lead on your belt. USDivers still makes a non pussified stainless fixed blade.

  5. S Smith says

    I generally love your stuff. I must admit that I am skeptical of your dive experience. I have found that a long handle has a much greater chance of getting snagged. On that same note having it on the outside of your leg also increases chances. The thought of using it a protection tool against a shark is laughable at best, and quite stupid if we’re honest. I’m excited to see your evolution as you gain more practical experience.

  6. malthus101 says

    I checked out TUSAs website – all but one "mini" knife are SS – why did they go back to SS? Was Ti shit?

  7. Brad Tidball says

    Is the strap of this knife long enough to wear around the thigh rather than the ankle?

  8. Mark Howlett says


  9. Nuncle Cleent says

    That's an awesome coating color, Doodle.

  10. Wisdom Wolf 777 says

    Great Video. I love all the outdoor adventures/activities you do. It has really gave me motivation to buy these items and go and have fun in the outdoors. Love all ur videos. Thanks for sharing your experience,story's and wisdom throughout your lifetime by making all your videos. They have helped me and many others im sure.

  11. troutkiller says

    dude, i had no idea you were scuba trash! i just know you from your gun stuff

  12. Arizona Adventures says

    Thanks for the review. I bought a Tusa dive knife in the Philippines in 1997. I still have it today and its in great shape! Same blade!

  13. codypanek says

    On a related note, go to GoPro's YouTube channel and look at the Great White vid posted today (7/23/17). You'd have as much luck against stopping a big great white with a knife as you'd have against stopping a train

  14. Zak C. says

    I don't really like the ocean but I'd but it just because it looks awesome.

  15. Catholic Defender says

    I love how this isn't demonizing sharks, but also is realistic for use and purposes. I was looking at this exact knife and to see it hold up in saltwater is comforting.

  16. Knighthunt says

    nice reivew nutn, I'm not a diving person nor am I really interested in the blade in the video, but I love the reviews, it's always good to hear the voice and I like the pou, I'm interested how you got into diving? and by the way, doodle looks and sounds like a young you, great family, great videos! keep it up nutn

  17. dan meifert says

    That was a nice change of pace. Got PADI certified early 90s but haven't been in the water for a while. Thanks for some more variety.

  18. Dav C says

    water resistance > air resistance. I don't think id much longer a knife underwater. ymmv

  19. Big J says

    that place your at looked amazing

  20. Hiram Maxwell says

    I'm gonna have to get one of these. I just got a Cold Steel Voyager Clip 5.5 inch Plain Edge Knife. and your review was what pushed me over the edge to get it, and IT is sick. My dad and I go fishing out on the flats for Redfish in C. Florida and this knife would be an excellent addition to my tackle. TNP ROCKS1

  21. Lanc Mac says

    Dont tell TUSA "Tabata USA" made the same knife 40+ years ago.. Still mostly corrosion resistant but sharpening it is a b-itch.. the knife is too brittle for any sort of prying.

  22. Kimber Blake says

    Thanks for the dive equipment reviews. Love diving and all dive gear. I looked up that Momentum Torpedo with the sapphire upgrade is $185. Sweet looking watch and hope to get one soon. Keep the water related reviews coming. Peace

  23. iostream90210 says

    where's the link for the watch Nutn? 🙂

  24. Robbie Robertson says

    Good to see the fam kickin it by the ocean..Great krv nutn…keep it up bro!

  25. Matt Gatewood says

    What if there are "sharks with frickin laser beams on their heads"? I want to see Nutn do a review on a mirror for a shark laser beam defense POU!

  26. Paul K says

    Looks like Monterey.

  27. Mark Kaz says

    How well does Titanium hold an edge??

  28. Cactus Rider says

    Hey nutn I didn't know that you scuba dove! Nice man, I'm a certified diver too, been watching for years. Ive used TUSA stuff since 2003 and they havent let me down. …lastly the point about cutting yourself free from ropes and lines is the most important pou IMO

  29. Boomer Taylor says

    People say it all the time and don't think about it… Stain-LESS, not stain-PROOF. It was taken from the literal that it stains less than regular steel. If not rinsed clean of salts and regularly cared for, ALL stainless will eventually rust. I'm always giving my wife hell for letting the good stainless cutlery sit in the sink drainer (she knows better than putting my rosewood Forschners in the dishwasher) with water left on the blades. Wipe 'em or they'll rust from the tap water sitting in the sink.
    Ok, lecture over… Lol

  30. pkbaker100 says

    Did anyone else see the bird shit at 1:25 or was it just me.

  31. Barry Bolduc says

    Aquarius Dive Shop! I was the youngest certified diver out of there at 12 years old way back in 1972. Great place, Monterey and Aquarius.

  32. Yeshua Adoneinu says

    i think that watch is 219.00

  33. Yeshua Adoneinu says

    did not see the link for the watch

  34. Beast63 says

    Dive with Harbor Seals with no problem, just don't go alone with California Seals. They're territorial and aggressive.

  35. Battlehymn63 says

    Nutn, not sure what your experience is, but every SCUBA course I've taken, a knife was required gear so as far as I'm concerned it should be part of the kit every time you dive. I was wreck diving in Hi and the charter guides were actually checking people for knives and lights. One girl had a tiny knife with like a 3 1/2 in blade and they made her strap some dudes monstrous secondary on. (yeah I just saw how that reads, but I ain't changin it).
    Not sure about the alloy composition of that blade but my experience with Ti is that it is brittle, also maybe the reason it's not offered in a larger size, so maybe not the best prying tool, and yeah Ti is kinda bad for edge retention.
    I'd be more worried about getting bit by a seal than a shark, they're dicks … a buddy of mine got bit by one of those things and the resultant wound was badly infected, which I hear is very common with bites from seals and sea lions. I'm guessing you are somewhere near SF, he was bitten around Point Reyes. I'm actually from Napa and have many trips to sites all along HWY 1 so I knew not to screw with them … yes there is a story there. I'd actually be curious to see what the Russian River is looking like, or if you are feeling very adventurous and in need of a thrill, bike the Hopland Grade (CA SR 175) from Ukiah into Lake County. There used to be some good wineries up there, so if the Missus isn't down with the crookedest road in CA you can have her go the boring way and meet up in Lakeport or Konocti for tastings. If you decide to try it, be VERY careful on the section between Hopland and Lakeport, it is narrow and full of hairpins.

    Anyway … thanks for the reviews … I can't believe you reviewed a watch a knife and a bangstick all in under 25 minutes.

  36. LeanDreMPeters says

    lived in the Caribbean all my life. So glad you've started reviewing with the oceanic lifestyle in mind…. now that im living in Europe! :/ lol thanks for nutn nutn 🙂 jk

  37. Giant JunK says

    I like how professionals and wanna-bees alike, both ends of the spectrum, expect you to be on their level. Thanks NUTN for all you do.

  38. Steve B says

    I would love to see Nutnfancy do a review on a dive light. Great review on the Tusa knife!

  39. Goran Ramovic says

    I'm from the UK I've been watching your Channel for years and years thank you for all the knowledge in your videos. the way you review things in such detail is amazing just the same way I would do it for myself this is why I watch your channel.

  40. Lemmegetamuhfckin UHHH says

    Perfect timing for this review to go up, a good dive knife has been on my list for a week or so now. I too would prefer a longer blade by an 1.5" or so and a thinner handle. Neutrally buoyant is also a must. Rock on TNP

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