Shearwater Perdix AI Review | All You Can Ever Wish For In A Dive Computer

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Shearwater computers are famous for two things: Simplicity an robustness. This makes these computers loved by technical and recreational divers all over the world. This is quitte impressive since the Canadian company was founded in 2004. The newest addition in the Shearwater family is the Perdix AI. The AI stands for air integration and was only added a year after the introduction of the Perdix. Nowadays all of the computers have integration but you may find some old computers lingering on the web nonetheless.  So be mindful when buying a second hand Perdix! Check out our Shearwater perdix AI Review.

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Rating: 4.94

  1. Yggdrasil42 says

    I really like the computer. Bought the AI without transmitters. Wish those were more affordable since I'd need to buy two for my sidemount cylinders. Someday I'll get them, but even without AI it's great. Clear display with continuous illumination, great compass that you can actually keep on the screen during normal use and easy controls. I actually feel the AA batteries are a pro not a con. No custom induction charger needed, they last long enough and are easy to get anywhere in the world.

  2. Rasmus Løth Petersen says

    the non ai is not lingering around, its a seperate model for people who dont want ai

  3. DavidV328 says

    Bought my Perdix AI when it came out 2 years ago.
    I can't imagine ever to need another dive computer.
    Super robust and reliable.

  4. Andre N says

    AA and CR2 batteries is a huge plus in my opinion. You can find these batteries anywhere in the world. This is best diving computer hands down.

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