Indiegogo New Technology 2018 | aquabionic abs: the world’s first binding system for diving

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aquabionic abs: the world’s first binding system for diving

Aquatic hybrid shoes that connect to advanced fin-blade modules using ski-binding technology

The aquabionic aquatic binding system (abs) combines high quality aquatic hybrid shoes and the most technologically advanced fin blade modules to bring you an unparalleled underwater experience.

Comfortably navigate any terrain with the aquatic hybrid shoes, then easily clip on your choice of interchangeable fin blades and you’re ready to explore the ocean like never before. Diving and snorkeling never felt more natural.

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Rating: 5.00

  1. Loggie1p random whale says

    I really want that it is so cool nice jod

  2. Tidal 9 says

    Good idea I like how it gets rid of needing shoes to go to and from the dive site, also if there is an emergency you can quickly disengage your fins

  3. wladius says

    looks interesting, but if you're promoting some technology for freediving, you could have selected someone who can actually freedive. His kick is nasty and that snorkel in the mouth is downright dangerous.

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