Scuba Tech Tips: Canister Dive Lights – S07E19

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Divers want many options in dive lights like; brighter, long lasting, a good grip, variable power, depth. Alec explains why a canister light can be a good practical and economical choice for a wide variety of dive situations.

OrcaTorch D620
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Rating: 4.84

  1. stephen s says

    Just got an orca can light and 2 back up d520 awesome

  2. Roman Aidybalov says

    Yeah, it's cool and all, but… gosh, 1000 bucks minimum! Big deal!

  3. Reza Gorji says

    Another great video.
    I love my canister lights as well and carry them on almost all my dives (mostly day dives). They are nice for signaling in low viz conditions here in Upstate NY. Also in the Carribean, brings the colors out of the coral.

  4. Caleb says

    Just bought it after watching your video.

  5. Huu Haa says

    Alec, thank you for interesting video. Having used canister lights for years I have to comment your point to use those for photo or videography.
    Canister lights definitely have lumens enough for video or photo but the distribution is not favorable. Any normal dive light (canister or not) has a bright narrow center beam and dimmer sides. When used for photo the center of the picture will easily burn while sides are under exposed.
    Therefore separated video lights exist. Those have wider smooth beam. I don't encourage anyone to rely on a canister light as light source for photo or video if she does not really know what she is doing.

  6. diver dave says

    only $299.99 dollars on Amazon !

  7. owen mougenot says

    Hi Alec. The new LED lights are so much better than the old waterproof "flashlight" types. However if you have an old one with an incandescent bulb and it still works you might consider replacing the old bulb with the drop in replacement LED types. The batteries will last much longer and it will be fine as a spare in your bcd pocket, or just give it to a new diver starting out. make sure you choose the 3 or 6 volt types (from amazon or other electronics store) to suit the old two or four battery flashlights. You could also carry a lighter to relight the candle in a jar when it goes out? Thanks Owen m

  8. rmod42 says

    Tech Tip or advertisement?

  9. Vic Metcalfe says

    I just bought an Ano CL 2300 canister light. Looking forward to trying it out tomorrow night. Looks like a very similar light and price, but with six 18650's and brighter / shorter run times. I hope it works out! Run times ranging from 12 to 3 hours, and high brightness for our silty Ontario lakes should be good for signalling. Its lowest brightness is still brighter than my old light's brightest setting! Great video Alec and Kevin!

  10. African Twin says

    Orcatorch should have a store on AliExpress. No dealers in Netherlands.

  11. Andreas I says

    Hello and thanks again for a nice video! I have a question: Is the connector between the canister and the light standard? This would mean that you can connect canisters and lights from different manufacturers.

  12. 454chevy454 says

    Thanks for the tips great stuff this exactly what im missing in my dives.

  13. William Cronin says

    Amazingly small power pack & head, good burn time. I looked up the $$$, compared to typical tech/cave lights, a FRACTION of the price. I'd love to dive one. Priced within budget of enthusiastical sport guys and ladies.

  14. Alec go to brinyte website and check those out to. Not 27000 lumen but also very afordable and goid products even they are chinese.

  15. Michael Clarke says

    Hi Alec

    Another good tip. But is it?

    Think how easily you can get dazzled and lose your sight temporarily. Then think of the critters that you shine this powerful light on. Many of them need their sight to survive! Suddenly, just for a few seconds, they have become easy prey!

    And, of course, the situation is worse at night!

    Don't get me wrong, good lights are necessary but, as with other divers, don't shine the light directly into their eyes.

    I was happy to dive with a GoPro, together with a very small, but powerful, lamp (Qudos by Knog), on the end of a 1.5m stick (Quikpod Ultra). I used this setup to film video until someone pointed out how close the light was to the eyes of the critters. I stopped doing this immediately, even though the lamp was at its lowest setting.

  16. QuickQuips says

    Yeah. Archon, Brinyte, Thorfire and Orcatorch make solid dive lights. The Div10W is on my shortlist. Good batteries like Liitokala 26650s and chargers too are essential too.

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