Ocean Reef Integrated Dive Mask Review

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The Ocean Reef Integrated Dive Mask regulator is the solution that gives you access to full communications underwater with an incredible field of view and maximum comfort. Adreno’s Robbie Lewis talks us through the features of this IDM regulator.

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Rating: 4.90

  1. Addison Roxas says

    What am i doing here im a snorkeler

  2. Joe C. says

    LOL 2 hours of talk time. " I just made it up". Hilarious.

  3. djjoshua007 says

    So how does it work on a hood? Will it seal or do I need to cut my hood.

  4. Jesus Cisneros says

    using this mask, is possible dive over the 20 m deep????

  5. Paul Preibisch says

    Great Video! Nicely explained! Good job!

  6. roadwolf2 says

    Very cool. Is it possible you guys could do a review of an ots guardian? As I'm about to undertake an OWC with FFM speciality and was wondering what the mask was like.

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