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’Ble$$ed’ by ESTA

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Shot on Canon G7 X, Canon 5D mk3, GoPro Hero 3+


FAQs – for those of you bright enough to read the description before commenting with the same boring questions … 🙂

– How old are you? – 28

– Where do you live? – Surrey, UK

– What hair product do you use? – VO5 Re-Work

– What do you ask for at the hairdresser? – The ‘Ben Brown’

– What breed of dog is Alfie? – Tibetan Terrier

– When did you start kayaking? – When I was 8 years old.

– What size penny board do you ride? – I have both the Penny & the Nickel.

– What do your tattoos mean? My star was just because I thought it looked good. My skull was my reward for winning the marathon world championships in 2010, my triangle on my hand reminds me to keep moving forward and make progress, and my turtle/Pura Vida tattoo on my leg is a reminder of my amazing time in Costa Rica 🙂

– How do you make money? – YouTube/Freelance film/photo & my clothing brand

– Do you ship Work In Progress clothing world wide? – We ship to most countries.

– What editing program do you use? – Premier Pro CC on Mac

– Did you go to university? – Nope

– Will you be going to the Olympics? – Hopefully if they introduce Marathon Kayaking into the Olympic program!

– Can you tell me where you get your t-shirts printed? – The answer is in one of my vlogs…

– What steady cam do you use? – A really cheap one from ebay.

– Why aren’t you training for kayaking anymore? – I see new opportunities everyday, I’m just grabbing them as they appear and keep working hard, right now that’s YouTube & Film. I’m happy I made the change!

– How long do your vlogs take to edit? – They vary massively, sometimes 1 hour sometimes 6+

Still got questions? Check my ‘Ask Ben’ Video! –

P.s. I love my subscribers 🙂 xx

Rating: 4.93

  1. Falconlover39 says

    It would have been much better to take a longer class and get more prepared for diving

  2. Where a re you staying at that place is cool it is like the jungle hotel

  3. LimitlessDeadline says

    Just a heads up these two or three day courses are very dangerous. They rush the learning and don’t go over all of the proper skills, and you aren’t in the water enough for your instructor to see your mistakes and correct them.

  4. Jacquelyn Harris says

    I used to be very happy to seek out this video-channel.I needed to thanks on your time for this excellent video!! I positively having fun with each little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you youtube channel post.

  5. Roelf Vorster says

    Coral Drivers, my favorite scuba location. Underwater heaven.

  6. Alex Winakor says

    Ben, through what process do you put your Go pro footage? Go pro Studio? looks incredible.

  7. Mackenzie Myers says

    I did the same class! I got mine last month

  8. velocyrapterm8 says

    the girl with the short hair is so freakin cute what the heck ?? !?

  9. CaptainAMAZINGGG says

    "Let's go learn how to eat food" This is important

  10. Meera Mars says

    You and Dan were like naughty school children hahaha

  11. andreholtkamp says

    How funny it is when you are german and understand afrikaans haha

  12. Kristin Ramsli says

    I took open water diver with PADI in Norway in 2012 when I was 16. And I love scuba diving so much. This makes me want to be back in  the water even more than before. Have not been scuba diving since this summer in Malta with my brother and dad 🙂 Hopefully I will get a couple of dives soon 🙂 

  13. viction says

    Your at africa pls dont get ebola

  14. Cristina R says

    the school part had me in stitches! you guys are the best haha x

  15. Petri says

    I like diving to I am now a Advance Open Water Diver Junior (I'm now 12 years old)

  16. jen McFadden says

    That blue shirt is your color bro

  17. Adam Kamil says

    HAHA look at Dan 4:51. Saw his snapchat too lol

  18. Ammarah says

    Dan is bare bantz

  19. AdyStephen says

    Hey Ben! Was wondering or you only did your course in one day? Usually it takes 3-4 days unless you did prep work? :p

  20. PlanetAaronTV says

    I've Scuba'd once… And I must say that my brain had a really hard time understanding that I could breathe when under the water… It just was not having it! The only way to describe it was like trying to walk down an escalator that is not on… Brain just loses it's s**t and freaks out.

  21. RangeBrothers the best vids says

    Nice try morgen zal ik een grote vis vangen

  22. Lukas Bliss says

    Diving in the pool already lookt so awesome, I am so exited to see you in the ocean!!!

  23. Lukas Bliss says

    So glad you ALL passed 😀 😛

  24. VIBECK 23 says

    hi ben where can i buy ur bag??? the one which u r ambassador ??? can u link plz thanks

  25. Justin deleon says

    Do you use a lens filter on your 5dmk3?

  26. Don Huan says

    What brand is ben's watch? It looks really nice and I've been looking for one to buy for some time

  27. Vabe says

    Good little vlog today as well. 
    Ben, have you got a new watch strap? 

  28. Jeremy Nicholson says


  29. Bill says

    Great stuff, keep em coming 😛  I recommend that you change your profile photo, because you look like a brute with no brains(depth). When you really are a kind and considerate human being. Sorry for my bad manners but I think you could have more subscribers if you change it.. Peace and love on earth… ^^ Google Oxytocin and you will find my way too happiness… =D

  30. Mar Valencia says

    You are ending this year in a r eally cool way. I'm loving your sudafrican videos

  31. Tyrion Lannister says

    I can't wait to go snorkeling this summer. In a week I'll be heading of on my own adventure full of Jet Skiing and boating (Knee boarding, water skiing ect.) 

  32. Rafaela Petean says

    why did it take me so long to sub? you're amazing! in love with your videos! 

  33. Eileen Ayude says

    she could have bought another ticket? my sister graduated last Saturday they gave her two also and she bought 5 more? i guess she didn't know or she didn't want to or who the heck knows lol

  34. SeaPea says

    Brilliant as always :p

  35. draxzhy - says

    Ben = Bro, Dan = Breew!!

  36. yyhh says

    what is nicole's degree in?

  37. Joery de Vries says

    Morgen zal ik een grote vis vangen 😀

  38. Ignas Gaucys says

    Hey Ben! Congrats, this is a really nice channel and you do a really good job (my favourites are the visual vibes! :D). Also I'd like to ask you a few questions, maybe you already answered in some vlog that I've missed, in that case, sorry for asking again :/
    Sooo… when you record all of your vlogs (with g7x or s120), do you constantly record at 60 fps or just when you know you're gonna use a 50% slow motion? That's a HUGE amount of data… Also, how many batteries do you usually carry with you? And last: when you export for YouTube, what compression do you use on Premiere? (I'm not good with it, a minute and a half of video at 1080p 30fps got me more than 300mb, probably due to a too high bit rate D:) Keep going! ^-^

  39. Apple Prince says

    You can learn to do nearly everything… except learning Russian, I mean even russian people cant speak it well…

  40. Gerard Marken says

    I have a Padi pass

  41. dappydorris83 says

    Hi Ben, are you living in South Africa now?

  42. TJ Jack says

    Yerrr Ben! I have always wanted to give this a go – scuba that is 🙂

  43. Drumennett says

    So done with these Spain adverts…

  44. Mirthful2008 says

    Loves to everybody!!!

  45. miran sabljic says

    Oi Ben, do you ever think you'll be kayaking again? I really miss those montages, they look amazing. Love the videos anyways tho. Greetings from Croatia, come back sometimes.

  46. rosie_b says

    Dan needs to do daily vlogs!!

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