Wetsuits for Freediving | Everything you NEED to Know about Freediving Wetsuits

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Wetsuits for Freediving. What wetsuits are best for your diving? Find out what makes freediving wetsuits better or worse from each other and discover the differences between freediving, SCUBA and spearfishing wetsuits. Time to get toasty!

Do you know the difference between open cell, closed cell and smooth skin wetsuits? How can a good wetsuit improve your diving abilities and which wetsuit is best for you, the best for your diving, the best wetsuit for your part of the world.

To get a better idea of pricing for the wetsuits I talk about in this video check out this link:

They stock a great range and it will give you a good idea/starting point to buying your own suit.

If you have any questions about wetsuits just ask away in the comments and i’ll get back to you!

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  1. Steve Burk says

    I guess it's not good to wear a full suit while snorkling in Cuba, diarrhea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. kola alax says

    Could you send me some weights. @lagossnorkeling

  3. Get Lost says

    What about wetsuits for big men?

    I’m 6’1” 245lbs. and I fluctuate between 235lbs-260lbs.

  4. SaltWater Trend says

    I use a Digi-tek Riffe open cell wetsuit

  5. Junior Kraeutler says

    what about female wetsuit? is there unisex?

  6. Cocoy Cano says

    Is it okay to us a rash guard for a starter/learning free diver?

  7. jack whick says

    well i sue a 5 mil due to having to fish in cold water its not very flexible but its more than fair a trade for my body warmth lol ..id recommend a 3 mil for starting warm waters …cheers ..n gr8 content dude ..gd luck ..

  8. Lemorecn wetsuit says

    Awesome vedio. Buy Rash Guard,Surfing Suits,Full Suits,Shorty Suits,Spring Suits, Wetsuits Tops & Bottoms.Shop the best selection of Wetsuits from lemorecn.com

  9. Roger Günther says

    today my first wetsuit arrived… the first fitting was a bit hard and just for one tiny, little moment I wanted to be a pervert but I was so close to die when my head was right before the entrance to the hood… No time to grab the lubricant of joy!

  10. Britt-Mari Alice Jonasson says

    Bougth ny first scuba diving wetsuit used it Ones and the first time ever usling one.
    Hand ni i dra tätt they are supposed ro take in a Little bit of water, same thing Whith freediving/apnea wetsuits?

  11. AA says

    What temperature of water would a 3.5mm open cell cressi tracina be good for. 16 degrees coldest?

  12. DeepBlueSpirit2 says

    Great video – keep them coming.

  13. Lennart Koroll says

    SUBSCRIBED. Youre crackin me up mate! XD

  14. all4-adventure's says

    hey adam i just see you video,all good and very nice information,ok ,you said conditioner?like that we put in hair?and about washing the suit after dive?what i must use to wash it and clean it after salt water?thank you my friend!

  15. Noumenon Nauta says

    02:28 jajajajajaj!! come one! yes you are!!!!!

  16. Julio Effio says

    HAHAHAHAHA! you are the best adam! yesterday i was practicing with a friend, she was introduce to free-diving recently and last night was cold and wasnt good for her into the pool i try to explain the important of the wetsuit, but she don't pay too much attention and felt frustrated so… i sent your video! cheers broda!

  17. Dave George says

    Website has almost zero info. Whow make shinny skin interior wetsuit?

  18. Project Coordinator says

    Question, I don't really feel the cold in the water but should i still use a wetsuit? do you burn more oxygen even if you dont feel the cold?? Also, do you think they should make a suit with a small realistic bait fish style pattern, both to attract larger fish and confuse sharks? just a thought.

  19. Adil D. says

    I'm looking for a polyvalent wetsuit, will a 5mm be okay for 14° to 26°c ?

  20. Dragomir Ronilac says

    You loose heat through the head exactly like through the any other body parts… No more, no less…

  21. martin nielsen says

    7 mm Teknodiver custom, lined / opencell at almost 4 y atm – next suit will be a Elios or polosub. spearfish in Denmark normally from 10 degree celcius( april) and up, but have been in 0 degrees water for 1,5 h 😉

  22. denmyos says

    Wetsuit = Polosub

  23. MW says

    I am a scuba diver so – I dont belong to your family Adam 🙁

  24. Pudge 2 says

    Dear Adam what website did your purchase your custom wetsuits? Do they make 10mm and up? I get cold really easy but I am not able to use a drysuit, I was cold in a pool at 70° without a wetsuit and with a 7mm I was just a little cold. But the water where I live hovers around 40 to 65 degrees. I only ask because I would like to do underwater photography while freediving/snorkeling. Thanks for the amazing videos. Also do you think you could do a video on different kinds of weights such as neck weights, weight belts and weighted vests?

  25. ILIKE2REACT Madrid says

    I'm scared of wearing a full wetsuit in public what should I do?

  26. jonathan self says

    THANK YOU. This has been the most mystical and confusing area for me as a newbie who has no real Freediving in his area (Chicago).
    Does anyone make a suit that is easy to get out of to pee? I gather this is a political issue,

  27. Sylvester Sy says

    For a beginner what type of wetsuit is best for me any advice?

  28. Micheal Blackwell says

    Say "neoprene" again.

  29. Jiří Červín says

    I was diving in 8 ℃ with 3mm neoprene and I cant´t but agree. It was soo cold 😀

  30. αναστ μυλ says

    hey, my father has a 7mm wetsuit and, because i want to start sprearfishing, i ll take it. Although the water is at 23-24 degrees and it is really uncomfortable. Is it really that bad?

  31. Rushan Bin Abdul Rahman says

    Adam! I'm so chuffed the first wetsuit you showed (and keep showing a lot as well) was the Ocean Hunter Chameleon Core Series 3, plus its hood, because THAT'S THE EXACT ONE I USED!!!

    I'm kinda glad I got it before I started learning about different wetsuits, otherwise had I known then what I know now, I probably wouldn't have gotten it.

    Couple of cons:
    • Water gets in fast so it's quite cold. I dived in 17°C in Perth this winter and I had instant regrets.
    • The one piece is really restrictive around my torso, so I have a hard time doing effective breathe ups
    • I haven't tried here in Singapore yet, but I suspect it might be quite warm if I use it in the tropics (that being said, can you ever be too warm in freediving?)

    Good stuff:
    • Double lined/closed cell so easy to get on and off
    • Doube lines also means it's less prone to tears
    • I've done entry and exits on limestone rocks with 2 m swells and this bad boy keeps my skin in one piece, while also staying in one piece!

    Knowing what I know now, I'd probably get a two piece open cell, probably with two clips on the beaver tail and camo that is suitable for coral reefs or kelp forests.

    I appreciate the video is simple and that you avoid a lot of technicalities, especially with how neoprene will compress and change your bouyancy. That can be very difficult for a newbie to understand and I like how you explained it concisely and only gave enough information that would be relevant for a newbie. That being said, you didn't mention just s couple of things that I thought woulda been important to talk about as well:
    • Seam types (flat or GBS)
    • Environmentally friendly wetsuit lubricants (Ocean Safe from the US, for example)

    But you're right, you had a lot to talk about already, so I guess these would be for another video. Some things I'd love to see:
    • Camo vs no camo?
    • How to maintain/increase lifespan of your wetsuit
    • Safe soaps for washing your wetsuit after dives
    • Gloves and hoods, especially for those of us that can get surprised by sudden jellyfish blooms

    Great stuff, good luck in the Bahamas!!

  32. anderson boy says

    I have a yamamoto neoprene and I dindt even know what it was! Hahaha! Thanks!!

  33. Michael says

    I use a Fourth Element Thermocline since I'm allergic to neoprene. Thin but very flexible. Machine washable 🙂

  34. Mustapha Mus says

    Thanx for this great info….keep going bro

  35. Dustin Calahan says

    Thanks for the awesome videos. Im a commerical diver so my wet suit has to be extremely durable and warm since we are in the bottom of the ocean for hours. I free dive in it but I know I need a wetsuit for JUST freeding. Thanks for the video and the advice!

  36. Faysal N says

    Whats the importance of these suits? why not just be shirtless?

  37. Skullbeaz says

    I got a PoloSub☺️

  38. AdriansWorkshop says

    I saw a Salvmar Blend on the rack behind Adam. I’m thinking of getting one. Does anyone already have one? Good suit? Bad Suit? Any problems?

  39. Uranus says

    Why not half wet or dry suit?

  40. I live in North Wales (mostly cold sea and quarry diving between 0-16C). I have just gotten into freediving and it is a pretty cold place to learn but I can't wait to try it somewhere warm one day!

    Thank you so much for your videos! They keep me going between those frustrating times that I am not in the water XD. Brilliantly informative too! Thank you!!!

  41. Ted Manasa says

    Much love!

  42. XYNOMS says

    Adam dude, you're so chill. Keep that positivism going! Making the world a happier place 😀

  43. Albert Rodriguez says

    Hello there , I live in Miami Florida and sometimes in the winter I do some free diving and spear fishing , I believe water temp is around between 45 to 55 degrees and I'm planning on buying a Cressi Bahia 2.5mm Men's Nylon 2 Neoprene Rubber Wet suit with front zipper . Can anyone tell me if I'm making a good decision here ? I really appreciate the input . thanks

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