Scuba Diving for Beginners : Why You Should Keep a Dive Log

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Keep track of all the fish you see. Learn Why it’s a good idea to carry a dive log in this free scuba diving lesson video from our experienced diver and certified PADA dive master.

Expert: Cole Abbott
Bio: Cole Abbott is currently working as a divemaster in Kauai, Hawaii. He holds many certifications through PADI, including Wreck Diver, Night Diver, Fish Identification and Search and Rescue.
Filmmaker: Amy Miyajima

Rating: 4.29

  1. Денис Дикуша says

    You can use a good ready-made solution

  2. Jaana Nyström says

    I keep my PADI cards, best photos, fish charts etc in the log like here. I always fill in the details, fishes and overall impressions of all my dives. Recommend it! You can buy these in any diveshop that trains divers.

  3. HJPsullyCat says

    im gonna keep my memories in my camera

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