1. billi habre says

    0:53 I think you had a walress escape.

  2. xGamer 4EVR says

    can u breathe thru ur nose?

  3. Emircan Değirmenci says


  4. Michael Kelley says

    Didn't know tekashi 69 was in the review.

  5. Nabil Al Samad says

    Dude the whole of the video is you swimming and that is definitely not a “in depth” review

  6. Arcangelo Ungaro says

    Cosa sono quei capelli??? Ti è caduta la vernice???

  7. Bangladesh River Foundation says

    this is not an in-depth review

  8. malicious pinecone says

    so if you take a breath while the snorkel is above the water can you go underwater until you run out of air and then take another breath above water without clearing out the water?

  9. Sophie He says

    It's better to take off the mask and have a break every 30 minutes. And FFM is best for surface snorkel, not deep diving. I will suggest a fog free one, Seabeast AF90. It's the only one treated its lens with anti fog coating and will not fog up even exhaling on its lens inside directly.

  10. Ant_Boy_Spice says

    How long can u stay under water

  11. The Red Feather says

    Infinit breathing?

  12. Amy Jones007 says

    Can you breath inside the water wearing it .???
    Even doe carbon dioxide .???
    Or water flows in if we try to breath inside water submerged completely.??

  13. marcio shiokawa says

    Well…let me put some medicine/physiology here: I bought 4 of these full face mask. Works wonderfully. But = a NORMAL healthy person with large muscle mass / or just large body that needs lots of oxygen (or worse: person with lungs problem, copd ) will definitely feel horrible with these "full face mask". reason? = when you blow out CO2, some of it will stay in the pipe system, which is much larger than original normal old fashion snorkels. Next breath happens, and you get that CO2 back to your lungs, and less than expected oxygen!, this circle keeps building up each and every breath!!! After 1 minute on that = you will be feeling miserable seeking FRESH AIR!!! I gave it up after few minutes. My kids loved it and didn't feel anything,…but can you rely on a 7 years old feelings / reports ?????

  14. OnceTV Twice says


  15. Иван Тараненко says

    Самая лучшая маска эта https://easybreath.net.ua/product-category/funjet-new/
    1.Трубка в 2 раза шире чем в Tribord ( Дыхание намного легче)
    2. Резиновый нос даёт возможность продуваться ( Даёт возможность заныривать до 10 метров)
    3. Два силиконовых ободка вокруг маски позволяют не разбивать маску на размеры – то есть 1 уникальный размер подходящий любому

  16. Karyn Soto says

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  17. Kimberley Monroe says

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  18. Anizio Daltro says

    Quanto é ???

  19. Tea Tookle says

    Do these fit over glasses?

  20. Dana Allen says

    Hi I have a full face (maybe half face would be more accurate) Cressi mask for hookah diving for gold, similar to Bering Sea Gold, but in rivers for gold. Do you think one of these could be adapted to hookah? There is new hookah (air pump at surface pumping air to you) just introduced today that is super portable, you can run with it on your back, maybe 18 pounds and runs on lithium batteries and you can stay down over an hour at 35 feet. It is on kickstarter today, Nomad by Brownies https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1865628944/nomad-by-blu3-ultra-portable-tankless-dive-system?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=nomad The existing hookah systems are so heavy it takes two people to carry them. The Nomad is 1/5th the weight and 1/3 the cost, $950ea if you buy two.

    So instead of using regulator in mouth thinking of putting regulator into one of these. And it would keep your face warm in cold water and not get sore teeth. Has anyone done it? Anyone think it would work? Thanks in advance.

  21. Hugo Campos says

    the woman looks like that bird Gould's diamond ja ja ja !!!

  22. Josh D says

    I have the is it's amazing

  23. Grant Cretin says

    Who let the fat manatee in the fucking video

  24. Kim Mascheroni-Kieler says

    I am not sure why anyone would call this a shitty product. It is fantastic !!!

  25. Vincent Visee says

    maybe you should remove that whale out of your pool

  26. Gaming TurtleYT says

    can you breathe underwater with this mask?

  27. Patrick Pilchowski says

    I sea what you did there

  28. AlphaEliteStudios: AlphaTV says

    In-Nept Review

  29. AlphaEliteStudios: AlphaTV says

    not that in depth dude

  30. A.E.E.N 5th says

    the new model will have a 10 minute breath auxiliary bottle on each side. can't wait

  31. J W says

    "In-depth" review of the bottom of your filthy pool

  32. Jesus HG says

    Minutes 1:00 one ballena

  33. H. GAMER says

    I have IT its nice

  34. Broxty says

    Why did that whale need a snorkel mask?? Don't they use their blow hole?

  35. MagoDark says

    How deep can you submerge yourself? Or how much does it hold

  36. albert vavrina says

    Comes with gay pink hair attachment as well

  37. I Respect The Police says

    These videos are all the same,just a bunch of yuppies with too much time on their hands ,in their big giant swimming pools. Must be nice being rich. Amazing what YouTube buys you.

  38. I Respect The Police says

    Why do so many YouTubers have the exact same color mask?

  39. Tolimpia says

    I just bought 2 of those one for me and one for my dad and my sister can use it too and my mom

  40. Dat Boi says

    1.3 million views, 1k subs. what a shame

  41. Miloš Staniç says

    How did you long can stay under water with this mask,please answer me

  42. Nathan says

    can you breath underwater?

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