AriaQR+ NEW 2019 OCEAN REEF Full Face Snorkeling Mask LIne

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Official Presentation video of our new FFSM line for 2019

Independently tested and Patented air flow system – being the first brand to ever engineer, manufacture and sell the full face masks, we concentrated upon improving what already was working flawlessly.
Now, the NEW Aria QR+ also features a swiveling fast release buckle for comfortable and safe donning and doffing of the mask. The masks comes with a camera holder accessory, included, that can be detached for point and shoot and “selfies”.
Face seal is dark to avoid reflections and glares – unlike other brands that concentrate only on cosmetics, we tried to give both technical advantages and a cool look.

Rating: 5.00

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  1. myashich _ says

    how i can buy this? pls tell me

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