Cressi Calibro – The revolutionary antifog dive mask

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Cressi Calibro is the first and the only mask in the world equipped with the exclusive FOG-STOP SYSTEM that drastically reduces the fogging on the lenses: near the nose there is a special pocket that stops the condensation.
Cressi’s next generation diving masks are all equipped with the IDF-Integrated Dual Frame Technology which offers exceptional field of view, and the new Calibro is no exception.
Calibro is the perfect mask for free-diving since it is designed to provide the diver with a feeling of total freedom and comfort.

Rating: 4.83

  1. joshua cabus says

    Hi can i have please for free my friend pls

  2. Crystal Freediving says

    Very interested about this "frog stop" idea….probably need to buy one and check it out! Will make a review about it then 😉

  3. Fares Sanda says

    Is it the bist in free diving???

  4. Natalie Spidle says

    “Together with standard anti-fogging procedures.” Give me a break. My Omer alien works perfectly fine with just anti fogging procedures such as a few rounds of toothbrush scrubbing with toothpaste, not gel, and then spitting every single time before use. Perfect clarity every time. Even other masks work perfectly with just spitting in them too. Trick is!…to just wash the spit out lightly. Don’t dip the mask into the water like your trying to wash the hell out of it, just enough water to remove excess spit. Your spit acts as a natural anti fogging agent. (If mask is properly cleaned when bought new, this is because when the mask is made, it gets silicone residue on it, scrub mask with tooth paste until the entire inside lens sqeaks when you rub it with wet water using your finger)

  5. 50ft Below says

    A honest review about the Cressi Calibro:

  6. Duaa B says

    I can’t find a way to unhook the straps to add the pad on them does anyone have an idea?

  7. Lolyouaretrash says

    What’s the song

  8. 50ft Below says

    Very good mask, we loved it when we did the review about it!


    La maschera si appanna come le altre! Niente di speciale!

  10. Alessandro Signorini says

    It's /ˈkalibro/ NOT /ˈkalibrou/. It is quite imbarassing to hear mispronunciation, please correct.

  11. Hai visto Tom Collins? says

    Vi segnalo che avete scritto freedm (1:24)

  12. Charada Subs says

    show de máscara

  13. cholan segal says

    What about a gopro mount

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