1. sirtango1 says

    One piece of gear you might want to think about adding is a set of side cutters. Although I have never ran into small wire cable in fresh water, I have encountered it in salt water. A regular dive knife will not cut it. In fresh water I worry a lot more about fishing line tangles, but I do keep an eye out for the stainless downrigger cable that fishermen use just in case! I had to quit diving due to a couple of injuries. I still look at my gear and want to go diving again. I think I used the last or my argon on a welding job instead of a deep dive. Keep up the videos! 🙂

  2. Long Rifle says

    Recreational Master Diver w Public Safety Diver background here. Its obvious you've been tech diving for some time. After watching a few of your other vids thought I would comment here. I am impressed with the amount of gear you carry and your seamless transition between those pieces of gear, well done Mark. I was hoping that you would have talked about your DPV. I'm curious about what kind of real world range you get for its size. I'm always interested in the gear people use and why they have chosen it. Subscribed for professionalism. Happy hunting and be safe.

  3. Roger Hockemier says

    Just a question ? You probably don't read these anymore but why do you only use a single regulator? It is pretty apparent you are a professional why don't you run a octopus system on your regulator incase you need a back up? My instructor told me he wouldn't dive with another diver unless he had a octopus regulation system. On my open dive for my cert I actually had a regulator mal function and it was releasing all my air and  wouldn't shut off .

  4. Michael Anthony says

    Do you use the 100% O2 bottle for a bail out (carried with you during the dive for those who don’t know) as well as a surface emergency application, or just keep the bottle at the surface?

  5. Craig Mize says

    Great gear review , ? 3 or 4 grand worth ? + classes ? could you hit us with some $ in a vid ? Suits are pricey now too I bet , Ballpark to get set up ?

  6. Nataliyaxo says

    Excellent video, thank you so much. Last night my Husband and i was talking about maybe to take some diving classes. For being beginner, what would be cost to get started? I know some stuff more expensive than the other. But just hit me with a middle number please.

  7. SEAKCraft says

    We have a lot of the same taste in gear. Great set up, thanks for sharing.

  8. Rock Canvas says

    Very informative, really appreciate the video. I have been a surface hunter for a long time and am a fisheries biologist. After watching all your videos, they have been the inspiration needed to take the plunge and gear up for my next adventure.

  9. 7МЕЧ7 says

    Mega cool. Like

  10. sdesic says

    That is quite a list of equipment.
    Great video Mark!
    Suits & lead are missing from the story LOL

  11. Roy Atkins says

    We need to get together and do some diving

  12. Lisa Marie says

    Nice video. Very interesting. My 16 yr old son wants to get certified to scuba dive. I am sharing your video with him.

  13. Roy Atkins says

    Great job buddy

  14. D Wing's World says

    Really great video with a lot of infotmation! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. PolishMafia928 says

    Wow! Super cool! I may have to try Skuba sooner than I thought. Super informative, and really cool. Very well put together and fun to watch. Thanks again sir,
    I always look forward to Wednesdays at 3!!.

  16. Pacediver says

    Nice setup ,keep the videos coming like the idea of the home man camera mount

  17. spymaine89 says

    interesting thanks.

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