Bare Reactive Wetsuit Review | Really the Warmest Wetsuit out There?

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Bare claims the Bare Reactive is the warmest wetsuit on the market. Of course we had to put this to the test! In order to do that we needed to understand what celiant infrared technology is and take a trip to Gozo! Check out our full review of the Bare Reactive above!

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Rating: 4.85

  1. waizman86 says

    Thanks for the review. LOVE Bare.
    Now I'm thinking whether to get this suit or another, more tradition semi-dry like Hollis NeoTek or Beuchat X Trem. Any thoughts?
    Will be used for 2-3hrs dives in ~15c degrees.


  2. carlos dives Cortez says

    I prefer the XCEL Thermoflex with the bamboo inner liner. Great Neo and super flexible. I use for anything down to 12c.

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