5 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks 2017 | Have More Fun On The Water

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A full face mask is excellent if you would like to take photos or videos while snorkeling. You can choose masks which include a camera mount.
This full face snorkel mask is undoubtedly designed for people who love to swim on the surface and at the same time adore the aquatic view below them. Here we will guide you in purchasing the best full face snorkel mask according to its features, price, and performance.
Quick Overview Best Full Face Snorkel Mask

Tuo Snorkel Mask 180°

Tribord Easybreath

SharkLens Snorkel Mask

Winmax Snorkel Mask

ARIA Snorkeling Mask

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  1. King George The third says

    People were drowning with this on

  2. Zoran Zdravkovic says

    Do ugly chicks snorkel?

  3. ItzTai says

    these masks are actually very comfy and is good for swimming.

  4. Bill T says

    Bad idea! I see too many drawbacks, risks. Number one being, too much volume for equalizing. Second, too much volume for clearing a flooded mask while submerged. Third, the straps could make it difficult to remove the mask in a emergency.
    And the fourth is a bit more complicated. The main purpose of the snorkel is so you can relax the body between dives. Holding the head up out of the water consumes energy. If anything goes wrong with this mask, you then have no snorkel. With a snorkel, but no mask, you can still have a long swim to safety with minimal exertion. If your forced to hold your head up, you've cut your swim distance by 2/3 or more for the average vacationers (non swim fit individuals).
    These are only my first thoughts, I'm sure there are MANY more reasons NOT to use one of these fullface.

  5. johnny llooddte says

    they are all the same mask under different names ahahahaha

  6. Khelaf Belgassemi says

    Khelaf Belgassemi

  7. Garry Mcgrath says

    Just seeing if this mask is ok for chicks that arnt smoking hot as well?

  8. Husky Wolfgang says

    Who tf would
    Watch this and say yes i need this

  9. Wow if you wanna send one my way will test it for canada please contact me .. I just started a ring find company and looking for a good face mask thankyou love your products this would also help with my go pro because it comes with a go pro clip to right

  10. the white trash wonder says

    C l I c k b a i t

  11. Maricel Cabal says

    con esos snortkels se puede respirar normal mente?

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