1. scott brady says

    why hasn't anybody made a piece of rubber that go's completely around
    the arm of the glasses and under the goggles, making a watertight seal.
    Sell a set of two for a couple of dollars. I went online to buy some and
    found out that nobody has thought of this, it can't be that hard to

  2. Ricardo Coelho says

    Some masks licks by lenses

  3. cosmo ianiro says

    thank you for not trying to sell something good video

  4. Lucy Fe says

    Dude, this is the best video ever. Congrats and thank you! You should tell where is your shop.

  5. Good advice

  6. cloudguitar says

    Great tutorial to shopping for snorkeling equipment. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Eliseo Ferrufino says

    My left ear enjoy this

  8. T- Mac says

    why don't you respond to let people know where your shop is don't you want sales?

  9. St. Mark says

    i'm not a diver but what about silicone paste to make any mask fit to your face ?

  10. Slawomir Zawislak says

    thanx for this very important info… ive bought my first mask by internet – what a mistake…:-(

  11. Andrew Labat says

    So true. I recently went snorkeling and I could easily suck the mask onto my face, I tried a few and chose what I thought was the best fitting, but it consistently leaked in the water no matter what I tried. Admittedly I'm no expert but it wouldn't leak until I got into the water and had pressure in it.

  12. Doug Manson says

    Very useful advice. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Randy powell says

    where is your shop very helpfull

  14. mrtoady2 says

    Very informative. Thanks.

  15. Andrew Scott says

    I appreciate how you were not focused on a brand but the differences of each product and how it may be preferred by different people. Thank you! This helped a lot!

  16. Kyros Nox says

    LOL @ 16:26

    I see people doing that too.

  17. Jack Wiritanaya says

    good tips, way to go..!

  18. Jeff Wulf says

    I was incredibly impressed at how he could say AND MOTION size and shape.
    Impressive this one is.

  19. afshin mohammadi says

    Thanks Dude, great tip

  20. Abby Banks says

    wow! thank you so much! Awesome advice

  21. DSK says

    Thank you for this great tip.
    Took some time at the shop to look for a mask for me (Mares X-VU) and my wife (Scubapro Synergy Twin).

    I've noticed that black silicon skirts are more "softer" and better fitting.
    Is this just me or in general that black silicons are a bit softer and better fitting

  22. sam ro says

    amazing advice you are truly an expert, thanks alot.

  23. melissa o'callaghan says

    please tell me if a mask fogs despite burning off the excess chemical residues from the manufacturing process witch is the main fogging reason, dose this mean the mask is either to big or small. Or am I just every so slightly exhaling from my nose. bit confused please help because logic tells me it should not fog if it fits well and has been treated. 

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