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Welcome back to another episode of OceanChan. Many of you have asked about what kind of equipment is used for freediving. Freediving may seem like a sport which uses less equipment to scuba, but there are still several essential items required for a safe and relaxing dive.
As the weather this week has been ordinary, I will go through my equipment.
Items featured in this video include:
– Wetsuit (Mares 3mm Phantom)
– Fins (Cressi Garra Bi-Fins)
– Mask (Cressi Nano Dark Low Volume)
– Weight belt and weights
– Dive Computer (Mares Smart Apnea)

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  1. OCF Freediving says

    I've finally finished my freediving short film, reflecting on the small moments in life, freediving in Sydney and marine life. Hope you enjoy it!


  2. B Q says

    music is loud and your voice is not clear enough

  3. Christy Ryuu says

    I’m buying my first gears for freediving this week! Your content was simple, straightforward and very helpful. Thank you!

  4. zazugee says

    Is a kayak+signal buoy better or a spearfishing float?
    oh, i guess in your case you're diving with another person, and kayaking takes you faster to your point of dive.
    but you said you dive close to shores and reefs, which isn't too far.

  5. zazugee says

    I also have a mares smart, but mine have both scuba and freediving modes
    the only issue i had with it, was that in DNF, it switchs to depth diving mode at the 2meters deep side of the pool :/

  6. OCF Freediving says

    If you have time please check out the last dive at Camp Cove, Sydney!

  7. Angus Forbes says

    what camera do you use

  8. Crystal Freediving says

    I would strongly recommend some surface marker, even if you are not freediving where there is a lot of boat traffic. And nose clip, if you are training 😉

  9. Tom says

    Dude awesome video, I've just started to think about doing a free diving course this makes me so keen to do it, but its sounds more complicated than I thought it was going to be!

  10. InventionsThatHelp says

    When you upgrade your fins get some fiberglass fins, they have significantly faster rebound/snap back than plastic yet very durable for shore diving. And unless you do crap ton of offshore, carbon are a waste of money to only be destroyed on a rock.
    Great vid BTW!!!

  11. Rob says

    Another awesome video and great information, be safe brotha.

  12. Marjorie delos Reyes says

    Very informative video! Thank you!

  13. Tammeh says

    Thanx for the helpful vid would love to try freediving

  14. Meena Jageshwar says

    Awesome video and very informative.

  15. Andrew Turnbull says

    Hello Manny, nice channel! This was an interesting look at your gear. Thanks for posting these tips!

  16. Urii Sanin says

    What camera do you use a gopro?

  17. OP Squancher1 says

    Thank you! You to.

  18. OP Squancher1 says

    Dude your videos are awesome! I subscribed!

  19. R L says

    Let's hear about your camera and selfie stick. Great video.

  20. Viv C says

    Super informative video! Learnt heaps 🙂 awesome editing too!

  21. Trixie Kong says

    I need to get a hood! Heard that you lose heat through your head the fastest.

  22. Pineapple Parrot says

    I like this, very informative. no air tanks?

  23. Dan Steedman says

    Neat vid! All this gear sounds expensive…

  24. frogman aquatics says

    nice vid, and the editing is superb!

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