5 Types Of Diving Job

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5 Types Of Diving Job
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The dive industry is a wonderful place to work and there are plenty of sectors that you can work in and earn money too. Not all of these are the same obviously and there is plenty of variety for you to choose from so in today’s video we are going to be looking at different types of jobs you can get underwater in the dive industry. There’s a job for all types of diver, some pay more than others but you can live the dream and get out of the office 9 to 5 in more ways than you think.

So hi I’m Robyn from Simply Scuba and this is 5 types of diving job

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Written By: Mark Newman
Presented By: Robyn Caldwell
Filmed By: Shaun Johnson
Edited By: Shaun Johnson

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  1. Scott Jackson says

    No you can't leave!!!!! The others guys are as cute as you are. 🙁

  2. Jack Johnson says

    I want to work as like a person that scuba dives rivers to clean them such as get all the cans out and cutting line so fish and living things don’t get tangled just helping the environment basically

  3. 187 ummm says

    You missed diving for golf balls and for sunken aged logs/woods…

  4. 187 ummm says

    I miss diving so much. I certified when i was 13in SSI and loved every minute. Went about 10times, got a bunch of lobsters and clams up here in NE. But had to stop cause no one i knew also went diving. Ended up selling my gear. This was like '97 so stuff is probably alot more advanced now. Trying to find a buddy and get recertified this summer…

  5. mammoth penguin says

    Does anyone here live in western Australia and know of any research jobs or places that I could find information about really interested in reef observation type of stuff would be so greatful if I could get pointed in the right direction cheers in advance if you can help me out some how

  6. diver dave says

    and you forgot about cleaning boat hulls and search and recovery !

  7. run run says

    Dont have job in India for scuba diving

  8. A fruge says

    Search and recovery and rescue diving ?

  9. Ti Ta Tobsi says

    I'm currently getting trained to be a rescue diver for the German water life saving group (german: DLRG) to search / recover drowned or nearly drowned people or bring up object which sunk to the floor

  10. Hello Hello says

    Military diving really isn’t a thing anymore there are still lots of military Jobs that train you to be a combat diver but the war with terrorism doesn’t require going in the water because terrorists don’t really have ships or underwater mines BUT the special forces like navy seals or any other special forces unit may do TOP secret missions that are VERY dangerous underwater like (EXAMPLE) swimming to a ship stealthily and rescue an ambassador. (I only the know the US’s military combat divers standards) The US military standards for divers is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT AND CHALLENGING so don’t attempt being to join any special forces unit that makes you do some form of diving unless YOU ARE THE TOP PERCENT OF THE WORLD IN ATHLETES AND THE TOP PERCENT OF DIVERS IN THE WORLD SO DON’T JOIN!

  11. Amerlad mad says

    lmfao that dude in the back with the double laugh and then with the triple laugh.
    made my day.

  12. Hayley Barrett says

    Why didn't they add any video of what commercial diving looks like? They just stuck with scuba videos.

  13. Josh Walker says

    I did my RNLI (I think that’s what it’s called) course over the weekend, I don’t know why my dad was just like do you want to do it it’s 2 dives so yeh why not. Highly recommended though, it was my clubs first time running it and there was 12 people doing it and it was a fun course. Even if you have sea dived or are experienced I would still recommend. After all it’s another card to the collection 😉

  14. Micheal Blackwell says

    I was an army diver, I didn't take my tickets, and regretted it.

  15. MegaMakox says

    As they say "Only way to make a small fortune in diving is to have a large one to start with "

  16. Fletcher Howe says

    There is also the Safety Diver role for aqua shows with companies such as Cirque Du Soleil, Dragone and Royal Caribbean International

  17. Houssem Ben Abdallah says

    that was disappointing :(((

  18. sebastian says

    you missed rescue diver, not padi rescue but firemen rescue diver

  19. Anna Wells says


  20. Sherwood's Crafts says

    I'm surprised that I didn't see Golf Ball Divers like me on the list.

  21. Hayden Murphy says

    Noooo robin you were my favorite

  22. Josh Walker says

    Your welcome for the suggestion lads 😉

  23. joshua smith says

    I'm crying now that Robyn said she is leaving. Why!!!? You left out phase two BUD/S instructor, (teaching future Navy Seals how to combat dive). Sees future subscriptions plummet without Robyn around.

  24. Mikael Nilsson says

    Here are some more Jobs
    Diveguide, Trippleader, Dive shop Manager, Dive company Manager and Dive shop owner.

  25. jimgam730 says

    Your leaving simply scuba???!!!!! My heart is broken… 🙁

  26. SV methos scuba and sail says

    make sure u tell robyn ill miss her. if she wants to get to know me inbox my channel 🙂 best wishes from canada

  27. Chanz Wera says

    Also underwater welding

  28. SV methos scuba and sail says

    I have my open water and advanced. Aiming for safety diver and rescue diver.

  29. Widget says

    I'm looking at getting my divemaster and finishing my BSc so I can get into research diving. Just gotta find interesting questions to get people to pay for it!

  30. Calvin Cousins says

    Ain’t your friend bro….damnnnnnnnnn

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