1. Selten Fotog says

    From a non informed viewers perspective, its impossible to see the depth (how to read it) of the Oris. The lighting, shaking, and glare on the Oris dial is impossible to see the depth function. Apparently some viewers know how to view the depth on the Oris because they are saying its over estimating….but I have ZERO clue what depth is being displayed in this video. Can you help me out by letting me know what I'm supposed to be looking for on the Oris other than the tube around the dial. Is there a hand or a bubble or what exactly do I look for in the tube? Thanks in advance.

  2. Brian Dong says

    It might be that it was meant to work in salt water. Beautiful time piece either way. 🙂

  3. Tayyab Pirzada says

    This is so cool

  4. The german watch magazine "chronos" sell a limited edition of 50 pieces in cooperation with Oris. This cool looking watch you will find here: https://shop.watchtime.net/oris-aquis-depth-gauge-edition-chronos.
    I designed this limited edition together with my colleague.

  5. rokeitor says

    Hello, i use like second gauge, a citizen promaster aqualand 300mt , this is a one a best gauge, try it?

  6. greendeer81 says

    As long as the shown depth is deeper than the actual depth you are on the safe side when calculating your no deco times.
    But a computer is for sure the better option.

  7. Feint says

    $4000 is a lot of money for a bulky and heavy system that can't accurately tell depth or time. The rich are different.

  8. Danilo Diver says

    even the suunto computer is not 100% accurate.

  9. Marcus Soori says

    The Depth Gauge is supposedly calibrated to the density of salt water.

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