How to build a home made scuba diving tank – DIY

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This is how you build a home made scuba diving tank.
Never use a sprayer that have been used with chemicals, never dive alone, don’t use it in the sea, and always have a certified diver with you when using this.

This video is meant for entertainment purpose only, and we recommend that you don’t build and use this. Scuba diving can be dangerous without proper equipment and training.

If you are going to do it anyway, here is what you need for the project:

Garden sprayer:
or smaller gardensprayer:
Weight belt:
Bagage straps:
And ducktape:

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  1. crystal pepsi says

    It's hilarious that most people in the comments are clamming to be diving instructors even though they are talking shit out of their arse.

  2. David Chatterton says

    To all the so called diving instructors. If this is so dangerous then why do free divers who descend to ridiculous depths, and then resurface, not have their lungs explode.

  3. 471ll4 BG says

    Why do you run out of air? Just pump it up underwater…

  4. MarCel Fonseca Garcia says

    Haha I am going to die

  5. Simon Brown says is an article on how a Typical  Scuba Breathing Apparatus works,  i've put this on here coz I was one of the Crazy People who is/was thinking to do build something like the above,  even though I'm not going  ahead with this, its up to each person to make up there own mind,   just do as much Research as possible. :::::Typical recreational scuba divers breathe either compressed air (78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen) or an oxygen-enriched, nitrogen-oxygen combination called Nitrox (64 to 68 percent nitrogen, 32 to 36 percent oxygen). The gas is contained in a cylinder that you carry on your back. You cannot breathe directly out of the tank because the high pressure would damage your lungs. Therefore, the cylinder is fitted with a regulator. The regulator does two things: It reduces the pressure from the tank to a safe level for you to inhale, and it supplies air on-demand. To accomplish these tasks, regulators have two stages:  First stage – The first stage attaches to the cylinder. It reduces the pressure from the tank (3000 psi or 204 ATM) to an intermediate pressure (140 psi or 9.5 ATM).  Second stage – The second stage is connected…. click the link above for the rest::

  6. dombplays says

    it annoys me the amount of people saying it’s dangerous

  7. Rami says

    Brilliant idea … but the comments are discouraging haha…
    Can someone please explain to me what's wrong with this ?
    I don't have enough money to buy proper scuba tank and I'm going to implement this this summer ..
    I'm also not planning to dive more than 5 meters ( 15 ft or so )

  8. Dark Loki says

    I love your channel .. Genius ❤

  9. Raghav Sood says

    How deep I can go with this

  10. Saggezza Ma con prudenza says

    To be honest i don't see the risks.
    Everyone talking shit about mainly the lungs-barothreat (i'm not English :3) where the air might burst his lungs but as long as he keeps getting out the air while coming up there will be no problem, just like a normal tank. The only difference is that- since he has not the octopus system that lower the air pressure to the local water pressure- he must keep the mouth open even while breathing IN, to let the under-pressure air to exit from his mouth and not to compress, but that's easy.
    OR you can do simply like him and know where you have to stop with the pressured-air intake. it would be like breathing from an air compressor on the ground.
    So no problem as long as the tank can stay intact and not shrudder. This is why i also prefered use plastic bottles (higher pressure reachable and if the air is not enough under pression the bottles will just get smaller, keeping the remaining air in, and the plastic is food-grade, so you dont have to worry about poisons if correctly treated).
    Also, for people like me this homemade scuba are usefull: i took my certification years ago while we were still wealthy, and now i can no longer buy the equipment and had to do it by myself. People like me could really get good CHEAP ideas by these videos.

    Of Couse all this is given you know what you are doing. If you just make this whith no knowledge you'll just end up vomiting blood, but consider that probably if you already know how to copensate the eardrum, you know how to deal with these things.

    And, fun anectode, this need made me to learn to dive without the GAV (the jacket we use to compensate the deapth-pressure) and i think this was really useful: just try not using it, you'll be way more flexible when swimming 🙂 Surely you have to wear thinner (might be the opportunity you need to buy ar create a water-proof swim suit!) suits and if using plastic tanks you can't go way deep but it is not so important as we use to think! 😀 You also don't need to worry about when you got flipped down under and cant get out the air from the tube on the shoulder and have to rely on the valves at the bottom to get down, which always scared me.

  11. Olivia Shark says

    I know that this is a very dumb idea but if you did try it, how deep could you go without any injuries?

  12. mike merriman says

    I wonder if this "instructional video" has killed anyone yet…..

  13. Mysun Thompson says

    trying to kill children? idiot

  14. Shroud 133 says

    Ur summer then the last one I watched XR

  15. TheMightyWog101 says

    Would this be safe in a pool no deeper then 2 meters (6.5 feet)?

  16. Nathan Steenkiste says

    Why don't he just pump it under water to get longer bottom time?

  17. Capitão Explosão says

    Lung damage in a newer and cheaper version 😀

  18. Matthew Jones says

    take a hit of that oxygen juul

  19. American pirate says

    Don't think I would trust my life to a weed sprayer underwater , but You knock yourself out with all that fun.

  20. Ciprian ionut says

    The divers feel there business in danger,fuck off to all your silly critics
    This just for entertaining on beginner level just few meter deep
    Is extremly practical and affordable

  21. Ciprian ionut says

    Brilliant, thank you

  22. ToxiC BikEr says

    Scuba diving with 50-100 PSI just wont work.. you need more juice . I made one with a soda stream 0.6 litre aluminum bottle that holds 250 Bar of air. Thats the only way to do it srry..

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