Scuba Mask Prescription Lenses – Install lenses in Dive Mask

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This video will go through how to choose and install prescription lenses into a scuba diving mask. There is also a basic overview of vision problems, and solutions for farsighted and nearsighted scuba mask treatments.

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  1. Jawad Abubaker says

    I'm wearing 5.5 on both eyes for distance weakness…..give me some suggestions

  2. Mc Hoch says

    Great video
    Question please
    If my SPH is +1.25 for each eye, 0 cyl
    Since the water magnify vision
    Would you recommend +1.00 for both eyes.
    Also my add is +1.75
    What reader lense would you recommend please
    Thank you for your help.

  3. juancabrillo2u says

    Thanks for this. Very informative.


    great video

  5. Gwen Vanderbloemen says

    Great video!

  6. sajuaro says

    great video with lots of info! thanks for posting!

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