5 Essential Spearfishing Tips: GEAR

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What are some of the best bits of spearfishing kit to improve spearfishing and freediving that are often overlooked? Discussing some gear that I find has helped me progress at Spearfishing in the past couple of years. Episode 1 of my Informative Series for the beginner spearo and fisherman.

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  1. Bernhard Hofmann says

    I've watched this a few times and keep forgetting what they are and where to find the info so here's a list of the five essential tips:
    1. @0:42 Dive Computer
    2. @1:14 Carbon Fins
    3. @1:43 Reel
    4. @2:24 Weight Vest
    5. @2:50 Pisette

    Hope that helps!

  2. WCS123 says

    I got a tip for you

  3. Garry Mcgrath says

    Do recommend weight vests because you can't drop it if you need to

  4. Wim M says

    Thanks for posting your tips

  5. Will liam says

    Awesome mate. Need a good wet suit, waters cold down here in New Zealand!-

  6. reuben ellis says

    Hi Joe, a great and informative video, like all your videos. I'm just getting into spearfishing been doing it a year or so. Have been borrowing a friends old spear wetsuit. But going to invest in a new suit that fits me better. I'm diving south Cornwall so would love to know your thoughts on this…What thickness suit would you recommend for spearfishing through most of the year. 5mm or 7mm.? And is it worth getting a camo colour or is black not a issue? Big thanks

  7. Hannes öand says

    Much appreciated info

  8. Elh Wade says

    Basically you need good money

  9. denmyos says

    How long did it take you to spearfish at 17m.?

  10. Dominic Barbas says

    Really good tips. Thanks

  11. Christopher Smith says

    Thanks for the tips Joe. Regarding your Epsealon weight vest, how much weight and what type of weights fit in it? Is it easy to ditch if you needed to in an emergency? Cheers.

  12. Rich Challis says

    What carbon fins are you using Joe? I am looking to upgrade and trying to get some comparison of stiffness between brands. I was looking at the omer carbon stingrays, but then heard they are softer than other brands, so I am unsure now.

  13. Carl Christell says

    Could you do a video about your wetsuite please

  14. Teo Tsakiris says

    Try to put your belt more downwards.
    You shouldn't wear the belt so high on your waist.
    In long terms, waist problems will appear to you.
    Try under the bones you have, on your left and right of your belly and sometimes even lower. It depends on how shallow or deep you want to hunt.

  15. Rich Challis says

    Great stuff! Thanks

  16. nathan morris says

    Divers watch/computer is paramount with a successful dive ,Great advise there,keep it up !

  17. Dinesh Thirupuvanarajah says

    Awesome video mate. Do you recommend soft carbon fins for beginners or medium? Also if I want to start with shallow diving, is a 90cm gun too long? Preferably wouldn't want to buy again so want to get the right gun to start with. Any recommendation appreciated. 🙂

  18. BurninatorTheTrogdor says

    If you get a weight vest make sure to get one with a ball at the back and not a clasp. It's really hard to ditch your belt with a clasp. They can be great just make sure you and your buddy know how to ditch. For the pissette you can get a one way check valve instead of the neoprene. You only have to make a small hole and they work really well.

  19. Chris Grigg says

    Great tips and very informative Captain

  20. Elijah 1312 says

    Thanks for the tips sir

  21. Alex Robson says

    Very good and informative video sir I did enjoy this one !

  22. peter harman says

    thanks joe,i was just looking at dive computers and i just got carbons which i just tested in maldives to great effect.cheers

  23. Great tips! I can agree totally.

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