Ocean Technology Systems Spectrum Review, Unboxing, & Guardian Comparison – OTS SCUBA Full Face Mask

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Check out some of our underwater welding footage here:

Review, unboxing, and underwater footage of Ocean Technology System’s newest full face mask “Spectrum” & comparison to the OTS Guardian FFM.

This full face mask has the optional tinted glass with a Scubapro S600 2nd stage regulator installed. Please refer to the owners manual for OTS for installation and safety procedures.

Footage taken in 2017 in the beautiful San Juan Islands, Washington State.

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Rating: 4.83

  1. Steve Obee says

    Cat crap anti fog best i ever used how much are both of those masks i have a aling AGA mask wanted to get something newer and cooler . If i get that spectrum my posidon odin is goin in it for sure i do a lot of swift water diving in the st.clair river in port huron Michigan

  2. GunFighter Research says

    Awesome video ! Hit everything perfectly ! Definitely will be grabbing this shortly

  3. Andre Bakkers says

    This mask is similar to the scubapro FFM. I'm using the gardian for 3 years. Happy with the mask.

  4. Sergio Rojas says

    Is the spectrum mask compatible with the OTS Hot Mic, Dual Earphones, PTT Control, HiUse Communication Device???

  5. chris brookins says

    Thanks for posting and your opinions.

  6. Schmedly Whiplash says

    Nose clearing????? Equalization!!!!

  7. Schmedly Whiplash says

    Guardian is far more superior for hardcore diving! Spectrum is a good mask for recreational dives shallow! My opinion!

  8. RunArun says

    What about prescription glasses?

  9. XxSavage NoddlexX says

    wish i had that

  10. Phillip Borbon says

    Im doing some research on some full face mask, what are your thoughts on the "ocean reef" masks? And have you done any training on how to use that mask?

  11. PA DI says

    wow what a creation, just a question how much was it and also you earned an extra sub from me

  12. Matthew Illian says

    Neptune Space full mask is better. No need to add a second stage.

  13. santiago alvarez says

    Hello! Can you tell me please the name of the song at the first min? thank you

  14. Blair Hogg says

    Why the tinted glass? How different is it?

  15. Duncan Burkhardt says

    Might be time to replace that ball-turret! Great review

  16. VannExel says

    I would use it for airsoft or paintball

  17. Hemmy says

    Good for starters?

  18. Michael Anthony says

    How does the field of view differ from each other?

  19. Bruce B says

    how to you handle reg failure. You loose your mask when using octo

  20. John McGuinness says

    What do you do for a secondary ?

  21. SeikiBrian says

    I have a question I haven't found an answer to yet, so before I send letter to OTS maybe someone here can answer it. I dive Nitrox, and there are certain precautions that have to be taken with regard to materials, cleaning agents, etc. for tanks and regulators to be "oxygen clean." Is that also true of full-face masks, and if so is the OTS Spectrum usable with EAN36 Nitrox?

  22. SeikiBrian says

    One other notable difference between the Spectrum and the Guardian is that the Spectrum's tempered glass is more scratch-resistant than the acrylic of the Guardian.

  23. chance Damron says

    Hell yeah dude

  24. Ozzy Guy says

    Great video. I'm going to buy one to replace my old Ocean Reef…but I'm not sure about tinted vs clear glass.
    What advantage do they claim for the tinted glass?

  25. Corbin Hockley says

    Out of all my diving experience I have never seen this amazing creation

  26. Toxic_ Vlogz says

    Dude that Spectrum looks as if its Military spec equipment.

  27. Johndel Gay says

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  28. Super Comics Studios says

    Which would you recommend for people that are just starting out?

  29. DickTater says

    Looks like a great way to get started in FFM diving.

  30. Sopa DeQuesoCaliente says

    So… which one do you prefer the most out of the 2?

  31. Dick Gibson says

    How do you defog the Spectrum mask?

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