Worlds Best Scuba Diving Mask – AGA Interspiro Full Face Diving Mask Review – Divator mask

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Review of the AGA Interspiro/Divator full face scuba diving mask.
This mask is used by the Norwegian fire department, Swedish and Norwegian navy and a standard for commercial diving around the world.

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Rating: 4.80

  1. Tyler Tabellione says

    Try out the OTS guardian full face mask

  2. Sea Warrior'z says

    what about bearded man

  3. becauseitsthere says

    What do you think of the guardian FFM? As understand it is a descendant of the AGA. I like it due to the ambient breathing valve and dual seals.

  4. OutDoor WithDeen says

    So this would not work if you have long beard

  5. John Toro says

    I've been using an AGA for over 22 years. The absolute best FF mask around and worth every penny. Nothing beats being able to breathe through your mouth AND nose while scuba diving!

  6. Otto Von Bismarck says

    Christian Wedoy I'm am about to get my scuba certification but I do not know a good durable mask to use I mainly prefer those box mask. Could you recommend me a decent mask. I have very easy access to ocean reefs so I can spend a decent amount on this hobby. Thank you

  7. Veljko S. says

    Can you do more pool diving tutorials , thanks to 'how to dive and not hurt your eats' help's me a lot , why diving mask is banned from pools . LIke Ur ViDs ;D

  8. Braxton Russell says

    900 fucking dollars

  9. Clorox Bleach says

    Great video!

  10. Elliot Sveum says

    It's so cool to hear that you're Norwegian! Hvor lenge har dykking/svømming vært no du liker å gjøre?

  11. KC Show says

    Any advice for lake scuba diving visibility about 2 feet Christian?

  12. SHG GHOST says


  13. N P says

    Not one to use in the pool I think haha. Great video, as always, Christian 🙂 !

  14. Bjørnar • says

    Noen andre norske her?

  15. Chocolate Daddy says

    Try it in water

  16. Ben Gaming A says

    I like your videos

  17. Ben Gaming A says

    can you test it plz

  18. fernando Silva says

    Christian why is it so expensive like ''tis just a few metal parts and then plastic smh, also is it true norways tap water is the cleanest in the world ?

  19. SKIE_NIGHT says

    19 comment

    Hey that's pretty good

  20. Aldo Samaniego says

    Looks neat thanks for the vid

  21. zulik 92 says

    show more swimming pls

  22. Azzicool says

    Halo norske mann

  23. SindreOP says

    Love you

  24. Michaels vlogs says

    First comment

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