1. Vincent Cerone says

    Watch out SpongeBob and Patrick

  2. Dragomir Ronilac says

    14:39 diver's left shoulder copper washer is upside down

  3. Mathijs Paquin says

    may I ask, is there any areas in canada where you can buy it?
    also it can be any type of diving helmet. i've been searching for one for a while now.. with no luck.
    maybe you can help me? thanks

  4. Jason Schnereger says

    so cool

  5. Tencan says

    20:11 the predicted the ipad. Also im almost diamond in overwatch 🙂


    Must play Bioshock now

  7. Gregory 2006 MRE says

    A lot of weight ehh?

  8. ThePhantom1943 RBLX says

    Just like captain Cutler

  9. The Big Dawg says

    That shit look scary as fuck

  10. Zanfacit tradizu says

    Very interesting video.

  11. WHIDERBOSS says

    They are so cool yet creepy, and in art can be very well mixed with steampunk art

  12. scott garvey says

    i dove this Mk5 set up…bear on the surface a dream under water . Primarily because unlike modern dive hats u dont turn the whole hat..just your head moves… still in use overseas in places where high currents demand a lot of weight…like a bridge gap .

  13. Somewhat Interesting says

    22:40, "Guys I have an itchy nose."

  14. connor vaughn says

    Imagine the first time they tried to send someone into extreme depths with this diving suit. All they'd see when they reel up the diver is a mangled crunched up, smashed pop can looking human/suit.

  15. Sam D says

    Fallout: New Rapture

  16. It's Probably the feds, but says

    15:40 well I’m glad at least they gave him an iPad to keep him entertained

  17. MrJesusdoesntsave says

    I love these old military instructional videos

  18. Key West Steve says

    The unnerving part of being down deep in one of these suits is that the pressure from the air being pumped into them is the only thing preventing you from being crushed to death. If your air line was cut there is a one-way valve in the helmet to keep the suit pressurized and gives you a few minutes to get out of the water but if that failed your body is literally pulverized and crush up into the helmet like a mass of jello. Nice thought huh? I recognize that due to the high water content of the human body it is almost non-compressible by water pressure so the only reason I can see that this happens must be due to the un-pressurized space inside the helmet.

  19. Alexander Clark D Reyes says

    My grand father is a us navy diver when 19s

  20. I want one

  21. hollow labs says

    It reminds me of the big daddy from bioshock

  22. Bhatt Hole says

    Something which looks like it was used in the 1800's, was used until the 1980's? HUH? With all the modern diving apparatus (including rebreathers) available during the era in which this film was made (and even much earlier), why was such a (seemingly) antiquated method used?

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