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The Scubapro Hydros Pro is a great BCD for local diving but also great to bring along on a trip thanks to the removable weightpockets. Although this is a great BCD it doesn’t mean that it is without flaws. In this latest review of the Scubapro Hydros Pro we tell you if it is worth a buy.

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Rating: 4.94

  1. 50ft Below says

    Looking for a bit cheaper option? The Aqua Lung Outlaw is a really good option, check our review:

  2. Alexander Binder says

    Thanks for the review, you mentioned the back has no padding, I dive often in warm water where I dive in a rash gard would that be comfortable?

  3. Anubhav Garg says

    Love your reviews!! Much appreciate the cons as well as the pros
    I am considering buying a BCD but am pretty confused between the AL rogue and the SP hydros Pro.. gonna do my dive master soon..what do you recommend? I read about the hydros Pro getting the shoulder strap damaged every now and then, despite the new design (apparently the company recommends not using the strap to lift the BC even without the tank) .. on the other hand I am quite used to using the dump valve on the right shoulder to deflate..
    Which one do you think is better of the two? Open to any other BCs as well.. thanks a tonne!!

  4. Jeff Morgan says

    I'm a new diver and within one year earned my PADI Master Scuba Diver certification. I purchased the Hydros Pro BCS with Air 2 "octo" and its the only system I have dove outside of a few training dives using the shops rental gear. I highly recommend the Hydros Pro! Its super nice fitting, nice to dive, and a synch to pack. Nearly all my gear fits nicely into the supplied backpack. The Hydros BCS dries quickly after exiting the water, means less weight and mess to deal with. I have taken the the HYDROS BCS on air travel once to Hawaii and it was super cool as a carry on even with my fins strapped to the backpack compression straps. Back home in the Seattle area I dive a drysuit in salt and fresh water and have logged over 90 dives with this BC system. I have dove this rig in cold conditions, no ice diving yet, and it worked as intended, zero issues with the Air 2. I'm a gear nut and recommend if you can afford this rig to give it a serious consideration. Of course everything in SCUBA should be considered as application specific gear, however any recreational diver should be very happy whit this system. The other thing I really appreciate is getting away from all the nylon cloth and huge velcro cumber bun attachments found on other BCD. Over time velcro tends to eat away at nylon straps and fabrics that are in close proximity of the hooks. The Hydros Pro is a very smart system and works very well. This is not a paid endorsement. So check out some of my diving adventures and subscribe to my youtube post at @ Cheers!

  5. Hellrazor says

    LOL, i actually like that ur a bit an asshole bout the gear… ur right…. 950 dollar BCD and u still hv to buy pockets? … I just bought a Cressi Start Pro 2.0 for 209 dollars, no way that is 4x the bcd as the start pro 2.0 … Love the review !!! Thank You.

  6. The Tactical Dad says

    Diaponted ! I was looking to buy one to replace my Apex Black Ice and is not going to happen. That seem to be similar build and performance but the Black Ice is way cheaper. The black ice has bigger expandable pockets, you don’t need to worry to replace things because is build like a tank. Good review brother, great job. I am keeping my Black Ice.

  7. Ivan IvanIvan says

    Between this and the Rouge? What would you recommend? I dont mind spending money if it means i am getting something better.

  8. Chris Vores says

    The fins set on the outside of the bag and are strapped on

  9. Axel Cortez says

    the fins goes outside the backpack with straps I use Atomic fins which are massive and the backpack works like a charm, it also fits bcd, reg, masks, snorkel, smb, spool, mesh bag and if I get creative with the wet suit I can put it with the fins (not ideal…)

  10. sayittrue says

    ive just bought one today with a couple of extras,the ninja pocket and 2 mini d ring attachments,carnt wait to try it out

  11. Fung DK says

    Totally agree with you regarding Scubapro should have included all the accesories (cargo pocket, knive holder, mini d-ring plate) with this high price tag whereby those are actually low cost accesories. thanks for making the video, good job bro! which would you recommend between hydros pro and x-black?

  12. 쩡기Kee says

    Man your reviews are the best all time thanks

  13. Brendon Le Febour says

    1) "missing d ring" is integrated into the strap.
    2) octo clip is integrated into swivel buckle.
    3) extra pieces allow customisation
    4) scubapro patented their quick release method because all other methods are crap. never had an issue with releasing them. on the other hand i have fetched countless mares, tusa, aqua lung etc pockets from the sea bed

  14. jackhigh says

    i will say that I'm OK with they way they did the dump weights on this. i moved to this from a TUSA Soverign Alpha and not that the quick release is a bad thing but i had a buddy with the same BCD with the quick release and got tangled in a decent line during a training dive and when he separated himself from the decent line the weight pocket was pulled out and he lost that weight and had to abort the dive until he got additional weights. i dont think the slight additional step of a pinch on the buckle is that bad and i prefer it to know the weights wont accidentally get pulled.

  15. didi dudu says

    Does it have a quick air relese when you pull the inflator like the scubapro master jacket?

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