New Dive Gear For May 2018

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New Dive Gear For May 2018
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  1. Christian Espinoza says

    How do you use a dive watch for diving? I get moving the bezel "pip" to the minute hand position, but what does that tell you aside from how long you've been down? Let's say your dive computer went out on you, but you had a dive watch. How would you go about proceeding with the dive?

  2. Waterable says

    Let’s get yodeling kid to yodel based on gear

  3. Henrique Burle says

    Mark, how many dives you have?

  4. Anata no Shi says

    no dis likes good for u

  5. Tuuriewuur Van Vlaamsheid says

    What happend with your Mic in the beginning xD love the vid keep up the good work!

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