Scubapro Definition Mens 3MM Wetsuit Review

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Scubapro Definition Mens 3MM Wetsuit Review
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The Scubapro Definition Mens 3mm Wetsuit is a thinner steamer suit for warmer waters made from environmentally friendly X-Foam Neoprene. Flexible and warm Large Panels and minimal stitching allows the suit to stretch and move with you and fit better for less water inside the suit so you stay warm too.

Any Diver or Snorkeller in warmer waters who appreciates an eco-friendly suit made with water-based glues and PAH tested neoprene. Made for water temperatures around 21 to 27°C this suit has a TPF rating of -3.

Definition 3MM Wetsuit

Presented By: Mark Newman
Written By: Mark Newman
Filmed By: Shaun Johnson
Edited By: Shaun Johnson

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Rating: 5.00

  1. Chaos Theory says

    Always use a dry suit. No exception.

  2. Edwin Rodriguez says

    Hey Mark, Can I have your speedmaster?

    Please say yes

  3. Remus Marian Dragan says

    my S is yellow ;( but that definition is realy definition. 1,88m 85kg no gaps L size.
    Bought also a waterproof 7mm same size but waist is off the chart, useless you got the belly. Go for definition if you got what to show and fit perfectly. To bad no 7mm. Waterproof still better quality.

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